Hydrogen water.



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28.09.2019 16:33

Ok, @puncakbukit has resteemed to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to vote us as your witness.

28.09.2019 16:39

How long are you using it, I hope it solves all the problems and you take good care of yourself 👍💕

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28.09.2019 18:18

A week now. But the real difference came after the next solution.

28.09.2019 20:51

A week now. But the
Real difference came after
The next solution.

                 - greendeliverence

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28.09.2019 20:51

Will you tell your doctor/specialist you found the solution yourself?

28.09.2019 21:18

Well they didn't know what to do with me and just send me home with drugs to stunn and no solution. I will tell them all I found a solution for a lot of people. Not only me. The hydrogen solution costs like 20 euro for the bottle and 20 euro for the Brita filter. The filter I use it to filter almost anything out of the water because of the gen-x debacle at Rotterdam the watercompany's can't filter everything out of the water and there is also a chloorsolution in the water that will be filtered out also. The gen-x was long in the water after it became public what more is there in the water that shouldn't be in it and they don't tell about. It's like the 5g test at den heague where the birds fell out of the tree kind a thing and the company don't say anything about it. (money related my guess)

29.09.2019 04:15

If this works it is a great and cheap solution. Big chance that what they add to the drinking water caused it. Already since years there are discussions about it (not only in the Netherlands) and they keep promoting the water out if the tap instead the bought one, even raised the tax on it.

I wish you a great Tuesday without pain and painkillers.. 💕Posted with

01.10.2019 04:28

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29.09.2019 17:50