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Today I will be cleaning the bedrooms check drawers under the bed mop etc. This will be a hard task because the guestroom is a bit piled up. But I will do it as the 10 minute a day rule. Anna's clothingroom will be easier because I didn't used it when she left.

I will do some streaming on @greendeliver-sm  also and the evening scripts will be ready for tonight's posts. I will also do some translating on @greendelivernl so everything will go as planned finally.

I will buy some new pans etc tomorrow and a new me. This latest event will be transform me back when I was 20 years ago with the knowledge of the here and now.

The index need to be changed as the avatars too I hope I am able to do that this week.

The cleaning.. this routine is a bit difficult to begin with but every begin is difficult it needs repetition. Soon it will be cleaner then in a hospital because of my background. This is the first phase of a few it's like the great update of world of Warcraft when the gear of everyone was use less and you need to grind your way up again to gain the best gear.

So I see this as a game I need to level. Life is like mathematics so life is like a game you need to level.

so many plans, so many dreams… so many possibilities

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