[VIDEO] Drugwars 24

Hi there welcome to the Macmeal show: Drugwars 24th episode.

In this epsidode I talk about the gamemechanics and explaining how I play Drugwars with the only investment of 2 steem (1 dollar).

Sometimes you have to be patient and plan your next login to upgrade the stuff you want to upgrade.


This tag is because of the stream wil be automatically posted to my http://steemit.com/@greendeliverence-sm account with the help op share2steem.

A callout to every steemian, go watch those youtube vids of your fellow steemians so you can be part of the steemian movement and let people see how powerfull steem can be.

Just clicking trough the options on how I can build my char and go look for some strategic solutions.






I will try to limit the casts to 30 minutes.

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