The animal Photography_the attraction of two butterflies on a dry branch

Good afternoon steemians, wherever you are at this time, I hope all of you are healthy and happy with the people closest to you.

Let's enjoy a view that is presented by two butterflies on some dry twigs.

Animal photography is one of the objects that many photographers enjoy doing, apart from landscapes and several other photography categories.

the first Photo seen two butterfly standing twigs position is balanced

DSC_0050 (1)-01.jpeg
the second Photo look position upper and lower gives the impression two butterfly doing attractions of interest

DSC_0049 (1)-01.jpeg
The third photo shows two butterflies standing in different positions on one branch, this position also has a unique value in photography

 📷 Picture Photography
Model Nikkon D300
Android 10
Camera used
Photographer @green07
Location Pidie Jaya-Aceh

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Very well shots!

02.05.2021 16:43

Thank very much brother, you have rated this image, I will do my best to participate in this community

02.05.2021 16:50