As a popular saying goes ''Who does not like better thing?"
Everyone focuses on looking out for the best. It's easy to hand pick guys or ladies that suit your taste.
Have You ever ask yourself this question?


"Am I good enough for somebody?"
The game plan has for longed changed.
"It's no longer question of they are not good for me"
The table has turned without you realizing it. The correct question to ask should be:
"Am I good enough for anyone?"

We all have to understand that while waiting for that person that suit your taste. You would have to invest in yourself.
If you want a dream chaser, someone who loves God and has the interest of others at heart.
You would have to checkout if you're this way yourself.

The believe in the saying opposite attracts has been the reason why no one ever stayed.
It's simple why would I choose to stay with someone who scatters while am trying to gather.
Why would I ask you about your visions and you are talking about something totally off key.

Here is the point, it's easier getting to the destination if we are in the same ship. It's minimize errors as well.
Don't cover yourself with your blanket and sulk in your bed while waiting. Don't Cry and watch Movies that worsen the situation by reminding you of your condition. If your eyes are swollen and you are in an horrible state how do you want the one you have been waiting for to recognize you.


Do your usual routine. Waiting doesn't mean you're sick. Wake up early, pray, do a little exercise, have your bath, dress well and smell nice, go to work, attend conferences, read books, treat yourself to some nice meal at the restaurant, go to the movies, acquire knowledge, get a skill and improve yourself. You want the best then work on being the best.

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