If you are a graduate and you currently don't have any source of income, what you need is not a job, what you need is some quiet time to think about yourself. Also, if in this era, you are seated still and comfortably jobless, hoping for one white-collar job to hit your palm out of the blues, you definitely need a carryover of whatever you studied in school and confiscation of your NYSC discharge certificate (Mean huh? you aint seen anything).


Hold back on your attacks, throw them at me when I am done. Any graduate should be able to create a minimal source of income for him or herself in the least, it is not about accusing the Nigerian Universities of producing half-baked graduates (which includes you, the reason nobody should employ you in the first place) or accusing the labour market of being corrupt and biased (the reason you should not sit put waiting for them to come to your rescue). It is all about thinking and having a survival instinct, which ordinarily makes you human.

Before the advent of western education, we had rich men in Nigeria and Africa at large; Alhaji Dantata (Aliko Dangote's Maternal grand father) of the renowned groundnut pyramids took over 20 Carmel loads of money to the bank, on the day the first bank in Nigeria was opened, far back in the 1920s. He remained the richest man in Africa till death.

The rat-race of NYSC scheme is an eye-opener enough for any sensible Nigerian graduate to see that survival in this nation is that of the fittest. It also provides lots of opportunities for acquisition of skill, for personal development and self-empowerment. So I strongly believe I am right in my earlier assertions, if you don't have a positive source of income then you are your own bondage. (I smell beating...but i don't care).

If it is too bitter to digest, then it is probably the truth so do force it down because you need it, and the truth shall set you free always. What is this wave of getting a Master's degree all over the place. Please who has it helped? People who run to get a Master's degree just to pass time, still run back to their joblessness with slimmer chances of employment. If you wish to be an academician of any sort, then I understand your hustle but otherwise; stop wasting your parents' money bikonu.

What is the essence of Master's degree in Engineering only to end up working as a Marketer in bank or some other round hole unfitting for your square peg? Better still, get a job then pursue postgraduate degrees in your area of practice shikena, that way you will be useful.


It may interest you to know that none of the richest young Nigerians and Africans was an employee of any firm, they were all men and women who took the bull by the horn and charted their own course, weathered the storm and arrived at a safe port. May it be made clear that I am not by any means, demoting civil service of whatever form to enthrone self-employment (we still need those services and if they let you in, good luck).

All I am saying is, if they did not employ you, if no one employs you, then my friend employ yourself and create job for others. That is exactly what the likes of Uche Pedro Eze (the 32yrs owner of the 10 years old Bellanaija blog; the richest young woman in Nigeria and Africa) and 35 years old Ladi Delano (Nigeria's richest young male) did. Out of the top ten richest young ladies in Nigeria, none is above 32years, trace back and you would be marveled at how early they started their hustle. Good news is, they come from different strides of profession which includes doctors, lawyers, fashionista etc. Even among the top 10 richest Nigerian men, is a 23 years old Iyinoluwa Aboyeji ( A Global Talent accelerator, that trains and connects talented people to sponsors all over Africa).

I advice you to keep a date with this part of google, it will leave imprints in your soul that celebrity and Nollywood gist won't do for you. Whoever told you that you are too young and have plenty of time left, is the actual enemy of your progress (buy "back-to-sender" oil for him/her...#kikikihahaha).

One of the problems of the present day Nigerian youth is that of over-parenting, certain parents would not mind spoon-feeding you for years while you stay at home watching movies or football matches, visiting family and friends as well as prayer and crusade centers buying anointing oil and miracle candles for job hunt. Good treatment they say involves accurate diagnosis, appropriate management and a lasting cure. To this effect, those of us who would like to wake from your slumber may need to consider the following to-do-list:
Go to the nearest toilet and neatly flush down whatever manner of excuse you may have ( money, no exposure, too shy ,no help, no this, no that, no blah blah blah).

Congratulations, now sit down with a paper and pen, then draw your ten years goal, expectation, plan, whatever you call it, just put a blueprint down.

Evaluate your innate and acquired skills by answering the question "what can I do?" (not what did I study, nor what would fit me...#error). Then narrow it down to what can I do best(it mustn't be one thing).
The next question is "how do I make money from it?" (you can browse for answers e.g ways to make money from talking..#kikihaha)


Start Something (something little, something-not-wow, it doesn't matter, little things get to grow so just start something).

Forget Luck, Be ready to work hard and Don't expect a quick fix. Don't depend on people to do it for you, it is your business so face it! Give it time and commitment. (that others had a quick fix, doesn't matter, what matters is that you have a lasting fix!).

Read and learn! Read!! Read and learn!!! to improve yourself in your area (Go to conferences, workshops, associate with like minds and successful people in your field, watch related videos on YouTube, follow them on twitter, Facebook, InstaGram etc, just keep up with the positive trends in your field).


Pray hard, harder and hardest. And if you fail, start all over, that is the best training you can ever get! Finally remember to spare sometime to play with me...Lol.

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Well said bro! 👍

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Thank you.

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