Buying Products at a really low price and Selling them on eBay for PROFIT (United States Users May Find This Easier Than Others)

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Earning money from the comfort of your own home?

Turns out there is an easy way to that. I've purchased a Sony PlayStation One gaming console for just $7 which has a resell value of $99.17 on making me a profit of $92.17!

Resell value.png


  • Create an account and search for a product that you are interested in selling. Now filter the search results by attribute and click on "Show Buy It Now Items Only" as well as "Hide Pickup Only Items". Keep in mind that you can also sort the search by other terms but I've found this works the fastest and guarantees the purchase rather than auctioning.


Boom! I've already found a profitable product I can buy right now that will bring an estimated profit of $49.20 reselling it on eBay.


  • To know how much a product is selling for on eBay head over to the site and search for the item in question. Then, scroll until you see where it says "Show only" and now click on "Sold Items" it will automatically select "Completed Items" As well. Now you can see exactly how much the item you're thinking of reselling has sold for and the date is was sold on.


Now just sign up for eBay and list your purchased item and you're good to go! Enjoy.

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It is a really good strategy, arbitrage is always a cool concept.

24.02.2021 22:56

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback and look to give more helpful tips!

24.02.2021 23:03