[WARNING: GRAPHIC] - The Most Extreme Ballbusting Session That I've Ever Done!


Some dommes talk about "ruining nuts". But I've actually done it!

What you are looking at is the result of about 300 full force kicks over the course of 2 days straight.

I kicked this slave with riding boots, biker boots, steel toe construction boots, & pointy toe cowgirl boots.

So many people have asked why I took a session to this extreme. My answer to that is simple.

They're his balls & it's his dream for me to destroy them. So why should I deny him?

It took about 4 months for the slave to recover from this session.

Obviously his balls are still pretty messed up. But he doesn't care. He's never been happier.

I gave him the opportunity to "live his dream" & he'll remember those 2 days for the rest of his life.

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