Bernie Sanders Won’t Save You


Everything you have, not just the money you possess, but EVERYTHING you have is a commission.

Commissions drive your life.

And all commissions are bases on something called “incentive”.

Incentive— a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something.

Staying healthy is an incentive for you to eat healthily and exercise.

Good health is your commission.

A great relationship is an incentive for you to spend time and energy with someone.

Love is your commission.

The amount of money you have is based on incentive.

The cash you earn is a commission for the work you do and the investments you make.

Incentives always drive action.

Your financial net worth is completely based upon incentive.

Benefits in life don’t come your way unless you go get it.

Here’s the deal:

Big Money is not your birthright.

Getting wealthy is YOUR responsibility.

Here’s the main problem:

Too many people feel they are entitled to wealth, but entitlement always goes against responsibility.

Has a sense of entitlement crept into your life?

Do you feel you have a right to commissions in life?

Whenever you assume something is a right—you lose the incentive to earn it.


Here’s why—when you’re feeling entitled, it makes you look outward for somebody to make your wish true.

When you’re living with incentive as the motive, you look inwardly and ask, “How can I make this wish a reality?”

Entitled people assume others will act on their behalf.

Responsible people assume nobody else will do anything and that they themselves must act.

Money is not a right, money is a privilege.

Don’t assume Bernie is going to save you and give you a “livable” handout.

Go out and get what’s yours today—because it’s there for the taking.

$1 million, $10 million, even $100 million—whatever your financial dream is, it’s YOUR responsibility to make it happen.

If you have the incentive to better your life, I want to help you.

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You deserve what’s yours, so let’s go get it!


Grant Cardone is the author of eight business books, thirteen business programs, and is the CEO of seven privately held companies. Forbes calls him one of the top social media business influencers in the world. Cardone founded and manages a real estate investment firm, Cardone Capital, with $1Billion assets under management. He also travels the world consulting Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startups and governments on business expansion. One of his enterprises recently hosted The 10X Growth Conference at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida with over 34,000 business people and entrepreneurs in attendance from over fifty countries. Mr. Cardone resides in Miami with his wife, Elena Cardone and their two children, Sabrina and Scarlett.

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