"What I have learned lately on steemit" by @gracyakan


"What I have learned lately on steemit

Good afternoon steemians.

I'm excited to partake in this wonderful contest and I’ll use this opportunity to say thank you to @mcsamm for organizing such an educative contest to educate and guide steemians. Especially, the newbies.

As a newbie in in steemit who joined not up to a month, i discovered a lot of new things about steemit and also learned from it though some seems to be discouraging, but I don't and will never give up, i will continue to learn in this blockchain, because it has really helped me a lot. If I want to share everything for now it will be much, so for reading sake I’ll love to share very few of it here.

• I learned that as a newbie you have to write your achievement and be verified you don't have to wait for curation before you can proceed. Curation is not a guarantee because you can finished even up to achievement 2 verified and you are not curated like what's happening to me now but being persistent in making quality post and participating in contest is the main thing that will reward, without a post curators will not curate anything so persistence is very important.

• I learned that Steem Power (SP) is what gives you influence on Steemit. The more SP you have, the more money you can give to authors with an upvote as well as the greater the curation rewards you can earn.

• Steem power shows that you are strong in the platform. It gives you influence in the system in that you can vote on people's post and add value to it,and serves as a capital in steemit.

• With it, you can gain voting or curation rewards simply by voting others without stressing ourselves much to create content
so i can say that steempower reduces stress of creating content.

• I also learned on how you can earn steem power?

1• When you write quality contents and post, and your post is voted on, you receive a value at the expiration of that post into your steempower. So if you are consistent in making post without let up, you will have Steempower when those with steempower votes your post. I have most of my own steempower through consistent posting without let up.

2• Another way is to swap your coins that you have in other wallets to steem and bring them to your steemit wallet from there you can power up, you can also use your cash to buy steem from binnas and transfer it to your steem wallet and power.

• l also learned that if your steempower is not up to 500, you are not earning anything from curation.and if you build your steempower, you will be able to earn from voting.

• I learned that is Curation Rewards and Author Rewards
Curation Rewards is the amount of Steem you make from voting in the last one week.
While Author rewards is amount you earn by posts and upvote.

• We can all create awareness about steemit for everyone to come and join steemit by so doing we'll grow faster become stronger.

• Steemit is highly against plagiarism, if you write from another person you must reference that person. They need authentic write up that is yours.

• After discovering all this, i realized that I wasted time for not joining steemit earlier. I say so because, outside the rewards, steemit is educative,it helps me to improve in my writing skills, it broaden my knowledge about health maintenance, cooking methods,
Making healthy homemade drinks, cryptos, how to become enterpreneur, and lots more to mention.

Thanks for reading.


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Wow @gracyakan you're barely 2weeks in the platform and you've learned this much! Sorry about not getting Curation on your achievement task post, just continue doing the right thing which is creating quality Contents, I can assure you that you will get Curation that will shock you. Keep it up Sis and steem on to the moon.

28.05.2021 17:36

Yes dear am doing just that @goodybest

28.05.2021 19:23

This is true dear...Steemit gives more benefit than rewards. The lessons are numerous.

28.05.2021 17:47

@peculiarem really especially health tips

28.05.2021 19:25

What you learned about STEEM POWER is the truth, the platform is a win win game , let us all work hard to accumulate enough STEEM POWER, thank you for sharing @gracykan

28.05.2021 22:59

@ijelady that's it, you're welcome

29.05.2021 06:35

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote
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