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Privacy has become a major concern in a world of growing technological sophistication, there is an obvious paucity of systems that guarantees privacy in many platforms including blockchain based platforms, imagine a world where there is full privacy in transaction and a lot of other classified processes? SERO stands out as the first of its kind privacy coin, with ground breaking solutions.



SERO is a privacy focused cryptocurrency which is based on zero knowledge proof and thereby providing anonymous transactions. SERO will curb the menace of privacy breach, ineffective anonymity features within blockchain protocols, it promises and will be able to provide all round privacy for user’s record, financial information and a whole lot of vital data on the blockchain network. Sero puts an abrupt end to the era of data hackers. The sero (super zero) project can best be described as a top blockchain technology developed to operate based on zero knowledge of proof that holistically employs full privacy protection as well as public chain that will give full supports to turing smart contract operations. It gives decentralized application (DApps) developers the ability to give out their choiced anonymous tokens, smart contract; Sero based assets and the ability to build their own kind of decentralized applications (DApps). The Sero project provides all-encompassing support for UTXO transactions using the UTXO model (especially for confidential transactions), for ACCOUNT based transactions it uses an account model with smart contract in place.



-Outsider Protocol: This is a spread DNS kind of structure that leverages on already existing peer-to-peer organised information data, it has an IP customized trading functionality with a dynamic power and connection potential to the entire information transmitted within the system so as attain a very consistent security status.

-CASTROL Protocol: Through the decentralized system odd assurance of most IP system can be perceived and this can be used to execute all security for both unified and decentralized structures.

-Sero uses a unique encryption mechanism to address payment route/addresses.

-Practicality standards: Sero understands that bringing in all trade information (data) into its ecosystem can be wasteful, risky and ineffective and so while it camouflages trade information’s, it also takes into the consideration clients current needs and then work with them.

-All online smart contracts can be fully employed to facilitate processes of open calculations, aid accurate arrangements and procedures.

-Sero project is advanced with ETH smart contracts.

-Sero is all out to offer an ecosystem capable of providing a secured- multi functionality computing system that will give requisite support to off-chain data and better support and executions of other multi-chain system based services.

-The sero has a token that will be employed in the sero ecosystem it will be used to empower processes of exchanges; customers alike can use the token for a numerous purposes either in decentralized applications or in the sero platform. The token can also be used as a reward for book keeping, means of compensation for algorithm suppliers and developers of the sero environment etc.

The sero invention is bound to blossom in all its facets; it is a privacy blockchain kind of ecosystem that is enabled by an indigenous privacy coin called the sero cash, it offers all-round solutions for privacy especially within the blockchain space, it is an enhanced version of some erstwhile blockchain projects like Zcash, monero and veil and will only continue to get better.

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