Steem2dworld a 14 days recruitment campaign contest || my contest entry post|| by @graciee20 (100% Power-up)


Hello Steemians, I am @graciee20 and I trust you're doing great. I'm so delighted sharing my report on steem2dworld contest hosted by @steemalive community.
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About the contest

This contest is about recruitment, where we publicize steemit to everyone within our reach, both online and offline. Get them registered and mentor them till they become active in making posts in the community. The contest lasted for 2 weeks and the aim of the contest is that every contestant will recruit 4 active steemians. Read the contest announcement here

My Recruits And Their Posts

Recruit 1 @vickyvin

@vickyvin was able to complete her 6 posts including Achievement 1 post and more. Below are links to her posts.
[Achievement 1] (

•Diary post

• Diary post 19-03-2021

• Diary post 23-3-2021

• food contest 23-03-2021

•Diary post 28-3-2021

Recruit 2 @beewrites
@beewrites has been able to complete 6 posts and still has more

• Achievement 1post

•Lid timeline report 17-3-2021

• lid timeline report 19-3-2021

•women club contest

• Diary post 23-3-2021

• Diary post 24-3-2021

• Diary post 25-3-2021

Recruit 3 @paragonlily
@paragonlily has been able to do 2 posts including achievement 1 post
•Achievement1 post

• Diary post 30-3-2021

Recruit 4 @onyisteve
I got @onyisteve registered on the 29th of March and she has been able to do her introduction post and a diary post

•Achievement 1post

•Diary post 5-3-2021

How I got my recruits

I got my recruits through offline adverts and online too. Lately, I've been able to recruit up to 9 persons and 8 of them are my friends in Church, while the other one was gotten from my online adverts.

@steemalive this is my contest post entry.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards
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Cc: @trafalgar
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