Steem2dworld 2.0 Recruitment Contest report|| I recruited 6 new Steemians|| entry by @graciee20


Hello Steemians, I'm pleased to share with you my 2 weeks escapade in recruiting and mentoring new users in Steemit platform.
This 2 weeks has been the busiest moments I recall in a long while and I'm happy I was able to recruit 6 Steemit users, mentored them and still mentoring.😊 The outcome is really amazing 'cause when I read through the posts of some of my recruits who are less than 2 weeks in this platform, I feel fulfilled.

How I got my recruits

I got majority of my recruits offline and a few online. I met them, talked to them about Steemit and convinced them to join. I made them understand that they will not only earn from steemit, but will as well develop their writing and communication skill through Steemit.
I also went ahead to share my motivating testimonies and achievements from steemit to them and trust me, you can't hear my Testimonies and wouldn't want to join steemit.😋😅

So in the past 2 weeks, I was able to recruit, sign up and mentor the following:

  1. @nneoma08
  2. @ladymoon12
  3. @b-blinks
  4. @sir-vic
  5. @fanta999
  6. @blessingmandy


    1. She made 7 posts, including achievement 1 -3.
      • 1st post: Achievement 1 post
      • 2nd post: Achievement 2 post
      • 3rd post: Achievemebt 3 post
      • 4th post: Diary post
      • 5th post Diary post
      • 6th post steemwomen contest
      • 7th post: Diary post


    She made upto 5 posts, including achievements 1 -3 posts

    • 1st post: Achievement 1 post
    • 2nd post: Contest
    • 3rd post: Diary post
    • 4th post: Achievement 2 post
    • 5th post: contest


    She was able to make achievements 1and 2 posts and will post Achievement 3 post later in the day.
    • 1st post: Achievement 1 post
    • 2nd post: Achievement 2 post
    • 3rd post: Achievement 3 post• 4th post: Diary post


    He has done his achievements 1, 2 and still working on the rest.
    • 1st post: Achievement 1 post
    • 2nd post: Achievement 2 post


    She has done just her achievement 1 post

    • 1st post: Achievement 1 post


    • 1st post: Achievement 1

    Tnk you @gbenga for your support and for sponsoring this contest. Thank you @steemalive, here is my entry.


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This a big challenge with a big rewards
Congrats dear

22.04.2021 05:50

Great work, more to come.

22.04.2021 06:08

Wow!!.well done.

22.04.2021 06:14