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Thanks to Professor @yohan2on for his wonderful and very detailed lecture in the framework of the amazing crypto-academy project.
When I went through this lecture, my eyes were opened to and I understood what Decentralized applications (Dapps) is all about. So here in this write up, I'm going to be explaining Poloni DeX Decentralized application (Dapp) on the Tron blockchain, but first of all, you need to understand what Decentralized application means. Please stay tuned and enjoy your reading.
ecentralized applications (DaDapps):

These aropen source software that leverage on the blockchain technology. In other words, They are digital programs or applications that exists and run on a blockchain networrk.
There are 727 active DApps now and the Tron Dapps ecosystem saw transactions worth 411 million USD in the first quarter of 2021 and they include Sun, JUST, WINK, unifi protocol, RIOTPLUS, Newdex, MILLION TRON, TRONEXT, Rocket Game, Poloni DEX, etc. I'll be explaining Poloni DEX as a Decentralized application on Tron blockchain.
dex-polonidex-696x392.jpgsource Poloni DEX
Poloni Dex is a decentralized exchange that was acquired by Poloniex on November 27, 2019. Good liquidity, various tokens are tradable in Poloni Dex.
3a2484e2f2d34a789fac32d8be6d9edf.jpgsourceoloniX was previously known as TRXMarket and it was the first Tron network-based decentralized exchange in the world. TRXMarket was acquired by Poloniex on November 27, 2019, and since then this Tron DApp has been known as Poloni DeX. All the trades that are carried in the platform are executed in TRX smart contracts. 
oloni SKjI0y1Fv_qUbYCRJ3MipRJt7TMY9txQppPjtvbkT1noXFP5diUva9YPc_KSjNXpp5RCH3PWGWOz12Oo.png] https://www.dapp.com/app/poloni-dex(image source)076f19202db7509f_tKD99fztpBDb2S6jIBOrt2JnutdhXa7wDJWmXRYXpk7kFh2hnGY6HkopSKjI0y1Fv_qUbYCRJ3MipRJt7TMY9txQppPjtvbkT1noXFP5diUva9YPc_KSjNXpp5RCH3PWGWOz12Oo.png) [source](httpww.youhodler.com/blog/top-7-tron-dapps-2020(image source)
Poloni DEX besides being a Decentralized exchange based on the trunk network, is one of the super representatives of TRON.
Poloni DeX aims to be a highly-secured, transparent, fast, and convenient exchange, where all of its transactions are stored on the blockchain. 
The users directly use the wallet for transactions and hence, Poloni DEX cannot interfere with user transactions.

The exchange does097.jpg)
[S and they have seen 6,231,813 transactions with a total transaction volume of 140,662,114.98 USD so far. 


https://dappradar.com/tron/exchanges/poloni-dex(image source)
Screenshot_20210220-163351_1613835343711.jpg https://dappradar.com/tron/exchanges/poloni-dex(image source)

Without a doubt, the procurement of Poloni DEX by Poloniex can bring great benefits to both the exchange and the TRON project.

Among other things, this union brings to Poloniex a “decentralized arm” and a path towards the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and to Tron the solidity and experience of a worldwide recognized exchange.

I hope I did answer the homework question correctly.

Thank you very much to the professor @yohan2on!! I havuratr02
@stephenrab alot of knowledge through this lecture. Thanks to the entire @steemitblog team, @steemcurator01@steemcurator02 for the most beautiful, informative, necessary and interesting project on Steemit-crypto-academy and for your support of our publications.

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