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Achievement1: My Self Introduction to Steemit by @gracetorrion


Good day to all steemian hope all is well in this community. By the way, I'm a newcomer to steemian, and thank you for encouraging me to join this community. To introduce myself my name is Grace Torrion presently residing at Buyong Maribago Lapu-Lapu City. A single mom with one lass and at the same time a working mom. I was not able to finish my college years because my father died due to lung cancer. I was introduced by my co workmate @liamnov I was eager to join because it helps me develop my knowledge or strengthen my knowledge in practicing the English language. To tell you the truth I am not fun of writing English or I'm very poor in English ever since.


To proceed I'm the youngest of four siblings. the three of them have their own family to take care of. I'm the only one raising my daughter, and thanks to God she grew up well with a good heart. She also served as a servant of God in Bible Baptist Church. I work hard to send her to a good school, and thanks to God she finished her college degree last 2014 she took up a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and now she's working in Japan as a software engineer till present. I thank the Lord for having her she's the most precious gift I ever had. As she started working it changes my way of living my daughter did everything to make us comfortable.


she build a house constructed this year it's not as elegant as others but I'm happy for I can call my home. She provides us everything we need here she is


About my mother, she's under my care because she's already a widow for a long long period she is now 74 years old but she is still active in her daily routine. My mother sells bread for our daily needs.


I have a pet named Tarsi she is three years in our care a seitzu Japanese breed and I have my two adopted dog Yuki and Yuka .


Thank you everyone keep safe and God bless .
I would like to thanks @cryptokannon for reaching us the community.

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