Vrschikasana - Scorpion Pose

This is the most challenging asana y have ever tried in my whole life.

Mind, breath, focus, balance & freaking everything at the same time.

I’m almost there were I can touch the feet with my head. I’m so proud of myself it feels so good to trust your body and to love it just the way it is.

Every time that I was telling myself “you can’t” my teacher was by my side telling me “yes you can”.

Very thankful with my body ❤️

Peace ✌🏽

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Oh man I am flexible and stable enough but can't imagine being able to pull this off. Actually, I could get an attempt on video and make a mint posting it in a comedy tribe.

Hope you are doing well!!

25.07.2019 18:09

My dear zekepickleman friend! It’s nice to see your avatar again ❤️
You should try the video 🙊
I took a look on your feed and I love the lagoon and the boat, it looks amazing

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25.07.2019 18:12

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