Economic growth is measured by the growth of gross domestic product (GDP), which is defined as the total value of all goods and services produced by the country in a year. Many forces have contributed to economic development. However, no single factor will continue to increase the correct or ideal amount of growth the economy needs. Unfortunately, economic recession is a fact in life and may be caused by external factors such as geopolitics and geo-financial events.


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Politicians, world leaders, and economists had a wide-ranging debate on the ideal growth rate and how to achieve it. It is important to study how the economy grows, which means who or what is driving the economy.

In the United States, economic growth is driven by consumer growth and business investment. For example, if consumers buy houses, builders, contractors, and construction workers will experience economic growth. Companies can also promote economic development when hiring workers, raising wages, and investing in business development. Companies that purchase new factories or invest in new technologies, hire, spend, and promote the economy.

Other factors help promote the prosperity and consumption of consumers and businesses. For example, banks lend money to businesses and consumers. Because companies can obtain credit, they can fund new production units, purchase new truck fleets or start new product or service lines. In turn, business expenses and investments also have a positive impact on the companies involved. However, this development also extends to people who do business with the company, including the above examples, bank employees and truck manufacturers.

The purpose of tax cuts and tax cuts is to return more money to consumers. Ideally, these consumers spend part of their money on multiple businesses, thereby increasing business revenue, cash flow and profits. Having more cash means that the company has the resources to acquire capital, improve technology, develop and expand. All of these actions have increased productivity, thereby increasing economic efficiency. Proponents believe that tax cuts and tax exemptions can enable consumers with more money to stimulate the economy themselves.

The Use of infrastructure to stimulate economic growth of county.

Infrastructure expenditures are incurred when local, state, or federal governments spend money to build or repair the physical structures and facilities needed by businesses and society as a whole.
Infrastructure includes roads, bridges, ports and sewage treatment systems.

Economists who favor infrastructure spending as an economic catalyst believe that having top-level infrastructure can increase productivity and allow companies to operate as efficiently as possible.

For example, when roads and bridges are abundant and in operation, trucks spend less time in traffic and do not need to take curved routes to cross waterways.

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Amazing information friend. I am an accounting student and I love economic with my life.

13.04.2021 20:39

See very interesting how everyone connects with each other and is interrelated. The growth of a country depends on its economy and the investments made through it, and this obviously makes the gross domestic product grow.
The more gross domestic product, the more happiness and economic prosperity for countries and people.

Interesting and simple explanation in your publication, Thank you for expressing it in a simple way to educate the community.

13.04.2021 22:21

Economic growth is what government should focus on just that it is a pity that nowadays most things government focus on now is for their selfish desire

14.04.2021 09:31