ArtVenture Contest: Entry #2 - Cyborg commander -

Cyborg Commander

Walking thourgh field of corpses in the middle of the devastaded land, the commander of the cyborg revolution looks for the man who holds the key that leads to the last refuge of men...


Process creation

Sketching the arm and identifying the pose for this piece, I inicialy though that this character will be holding a sword and that is why I drew the hand like that.


Here I added a helmet in the shape of a piramid, some hair and part of the upper armored body.



In this step I added more details and the other arm holding the sword, I though that I didn't have the perspective to hide the left arm so I drew it.


Here is what I thought it was finished but was not very sure about the sword and added two mechanical arms in the back, one with electric power and the other with a handgun, giving her and incredible advantage


So I erased the sword, changed the hand position and gave her a rifle, something more suitable for war.


Again, wanted to add some ink work to this piece to see how it would turn out, so here I just outlined it with a ballpoint pen.


And here is the final result with all the details I could add with ink and some background explosions.

Thanks to @art-venture for this amazing week's theme and all the sponsors for this great contest.

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love it

26.07.2019 18:31

That is really beautiful drawing, althought I must say I like the version with sword, maybe I am too old-fashioned :)

26.07.2019 18:56

Thanks, @stef1 maybe you are, haha. art is so subjective. thanks again.

26.07.2019 19:08

wow this cyborg looks prime for war! love the work you did with the mechanical arms, makes the cyborg even more bad ass! great art my friend!

27.07.2019 01:13

Hi gooze,

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27.07.2019 06:07

Thank you @curie

27.07.2019 15:46

eh dear @gooze, your design is very beautiful! imagine a story and create a character ... very creative !! I too prefer the sword version ... am I old too?
but tell me: is there a woman down there?
congratulation for your curie rating and for your work

27.07.2019 10:37

Thanks and yes, there is a woman down there, but only as a vessel.

27.07.2019 15:46

Very impressive art, @gooze. Original head for a cyborg.
It makes sense for military mentality. The piramid that rules their mindset, on top of which they rule the majority with the greatest disregards.
The more scary when the damn thing has a certain sensual look to it, a pose that is both elegant and menacing.
Excelente trabajo

27.07.2019 12:58

Thanks teacher! great analysis of those details

27.07.2019 16:00

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27.07.2019 13:33

What an incredible drawing, your technique is perfect, I hope to see more of this ... Greetings ♡

28.07.2019 01:29