The PR challenge of opening Thailand safely to inbound travel & tourism

The COVID-induced travel & tourism depression has hit Thailand hard. Ranked eighth in terms of international visitor arrivals in 2019, Thailand is the poorest of the destinations in the top 10. It is no wonder then that an industry-led public relations campaign advocating for a safe reopening has emerged: #OpenThailandSafely. Heading up its messaging and media relations is Ken Scott who lets us in on some of the challenges in that. It’s a “Good Tourism” Insight.

On March 2, 15 major inbound Thai tourism companies launched the #OpenThailandSafely campaign. The objective was, and is, to urge Thailand’s leaders to open the country’s borders to tourism from July 1, 2021.

After a year of de facto closed borders, the economic impact on Thailand has been brutal. Every travel company in the country dependent on international tourism has had to lay off staff. The negative economic, social, and psychological impact on around 4 million unemployed Thai people has been massive.

Sadly, there is a whole ocean of ill health, debt, family discord, and denial of life lurking just under the cold statistics.

However, the game changer over the last few weeks has been ... To continue reading, visit

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