Pay attention: Massive opportunities in culture & heritage tourism

Chris Flynn, President & CEO of “GT” Insight Partner the World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage (WTACH), reflects on the reasons why he formed the organisation and why it behoves travel & tourism industry stakeholders at the destination level to pay attention and get involved.

The establishment of the World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (WTACH) was motivated by the critical need to take action against the increasing erosion of cultural heritage assets due to overtourism, mismanagement, and/or a pure lack of appreciation of the potential consequences of inaction.

As former Director for the Pacific region at the Pacific Asia Travel Association, a role I held for 15 years, it became apparent that less-developed economies need more assistance to ensure they progress and prosper in ways that ensure the protection of their unique cultural ancestry; especially in an age of increasingly affordable access to destinations coupled with a growing middle class, particularly in Asia.

With these thoughts in mind I began to research and found ... Full story at

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