High value, low volume tourism: Is Bhutan’s old normal the world’s new normal?

While some places adopt Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, the Kingdom’s tourism officials would be happy for the world to emulate its ‘high value, low volume’ tourism policy too. Dorji Dhradhul, director-general of the Tourism Council of Bhutan, discusses it in this “Good Tourism” Insight.

From the beginning of our tourism industry in the early 1970s, Bhutan practised ‘high value, low volume’ (HVLV) tourism, which was in fact gifted by our great Fourth King. Tourism in Bhutan was founded on the principle of holistic sustainability, which is environmentally, ecologically, socially, culturally, and economically acceptable and viable. In short, the main idea is to give tourists a unique and exclusive experience while at the same time protecting Bhutan’s heritage, nature, and culture for future generations.

HVLV pursues objectives beyond revenue and receipts, thereby foregoing the quick returns that can be received from mass tourism. HVLV chooses ... For the full "GT" Insight, visit https://goodtourismblog.com/2021/04/high-value-low-volume-tourism-is-bhutans-old-normal-the-worlds-new-normal/

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