Good news in tourism January 5 – 11, 2020

Welcome to The “Good Tourism” Blog’s weekly reminder — if you need it — that as a tourism stakeholder YOU are NOT bad! You are probably pretty good, actually; one of the many tourism industry people or travellers doing what you know to be good while knowing there is more to know to be better. Published on Sunday to be ready on Monday, “Good news in tourism” is the perfect pick-me-up for the start of a working week — or week off.

Important “GT” stuff first in case you missed it during the week:

Community consultation in Kahangi village, Uganda uncovered traditional & modern solutions to an old problem; the conflict between us Homo sapiens and wildlife. And community-based tourism plays a huge part. Thanks to James Nadiope of Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation and “Good Tourism” Insight Partner Second Look Worldwide for the wonderful “GT” Insight.

Sapiens means ‘wise’ in Latin. And we should be wise enough to know that we know very little, even as we do the best we can on this Earth. And that’s really the main point of “GT’s” travel philosophy for the new decade: It’s not ‘no’. It’s ‘know’. And no-one should be shamed out of pursuing their travel dreams.

Professor Susanne Becken of Griffith University in Australia, a “GT” Friend who wrote the very first “GT” Insight back in May 2017, has been recognised for her contribution to sustainable tourism as the 16th recipient of the UNWTO Ulysses Prize. The UNWTO awards the Ulysses Prize annually for outstanding contributions to innovation and knowledge in tourism.

Other good news in tourism, in no particular order:

A timely article by academics ... Read the full summary and access links at

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