Don’t panic: Opportunity, ingenuity will give us climate-friendly travel, tourism

“Tourism is itself one of the wonders of the world,” United Nations’ big boss António Guterres said as he extolled the virtues of our industry. That’s the good news. However, as the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) warned that between 100 million and 120 million direct tourism jobs are at risk right now, the secretary-general underscored “equity” as a major priority area for our travel & tourism industry as it rebuilds for the future.

Your correspondent hopes that Mr Guterres means equal rights and equal opportunity. This sensible, mainstream, and centrist position cannot be assumed. Many influential or at least disproportionately-loud voices seem to be calling for the more utopian equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is not the same thing at all. Very few people support such a goal once they fully comprehend what the necessary means to those ends are. We’ve seen that movie before. We know it doesn’t end well. (Hint: There is no outcome more “equitable” than everyone losing their jobs.)

The UN chief also cited climate-friendliness as a priority for tourism’s recovery. To move ourselves and our stuff around without releasing greenhouse gases, software billionaire Bill Gates reckons ...

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