An industry first: ChildSafe community-based tourism

Social change communicator James Sutherland describes the rationale for and results of the first concerted efforts to ensure the safety of local and visiting children in the context of community-based tourism.

Community-based tourism (CBT) is rapidly becoming a buzzword in the global travel industry. Offering direct interactions between people in communities and the tourists and travellers visiting those communities, it is a part of a growing trend for experiential and hands-on products within the tourism industry.

The way that CBT ‘injects’ clients directly into the local community offers economic benefits and opportunities for all involved. However there is also a potential downside. The sudden influx of visitors brings with it an increased number of risks for the children living in these communities if the situation is not managed appropriately and effectively.

Most may immediately think of potential sexual exploitation or abuse as the main area of concern here. Predators looking to gain access to children outside of mainstream tourism and urbanised support networks is indeed a risk, but actually one of many ... Full story at

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