the diray game through my lid report @goodseed 24/04/2027

My 1st lid post

Location :ukaegbu


Good morning my fellow steemains how was your nyt,i hope you do have a cool night my nyt was cool there is light noting like heat rashes when I wake up around 2:00 you're not sure that I download some software I will use in working this morning, after downloading the software I slept off again waking up around 5:30 I have my money worship after that i pick up my phone have my money selfie then i go straight to steemalive to check what today lid report is all about, I will soon dress up for work before clean up time wish you all a happy day stay safe why the clean up is going on and also stay tuned for more updates

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210424_205200.jpgpicture location

I found my today's spotlight at ukaegbu Junction and I was going back home due to the situation of things I'm a bachelor ans i dont cook, I don't normally go to market I have to wait till i close work before I could see my today spotlight I have already lose hope that I can't find my vegetables shop I have to make sure that I'm among the people that found today spotlight....

My 3rd lid post

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When I was coming back from work I saw people that formed a straight line standing close to the ATM machine to withdraw money and there was no network they have to wait until the network is back the only to withdraw money because we have entered weekend and they need to buy delicious things for the families because tomorrow is Sunday they need to atake care of the family,

My 4th lid post

IMG-20210424-WA0009.jpg[picture location](

FG transport company, this luxurious go so many miles to make sure people reach to the destination and the luxurious is going to take off this night and what is risky
I wish them safe journey by tomorrow evening they will reach your destination

My 5th lid post


Hello friends hope you all are back
This place is a hotel ,gallery Hotel by name is a place where where travellers Lodge to have some rest at night the hotel is very neat comfortable for customers ,reception is very very organised some people come around to drink and also relax them selfs, i wish you all a cute night

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