the diray game through my lid report @goodseed 07/05/2021

My 1st lid post


Date 07/05/2021
Location:Aba ukaegbu
Time:9:12 am


Good morning my lovely steemains hope you all have a cool night rest, i do have a cool night rest i slept off around 10:25 pm because i want to weak up early I have some private discussion with my mum before taking my bath , my plans for today is going to working to see if i can get some capital because we are entering weekend time , do have great day in your daily activities ,
stay safe why I update you

My 2nd lid post


IMG_20210507_075357.jpgpicture location

I search where to find my today spotlight I later found it on my way going to work at Park, I brought out my phone I tried to capture it a lot of people where looking at me as if I'm from the government I didn't even mind them,
my Focus and my intention is to capture my sportlight when I capture the traffic on a roundabout
i off my phone then start going to work...

My 3rd lid post


At my working place due to the Rain heavy rain I have to go inside my friends shop so relax myself so that one will not touch me The Rain Fall heavily to the extent that I started shaving when is raining we brought out a topic with my friends keeping her company

And we also discuss about some issues concerning what is happening in the world and we where very happy to share our discussions together until the rain stops.

My 4th lid post




On my way going home I saw this mens that came all the way from calabar trying to bye this dogs from hausa man,there are trying to bring out this dogs from the cage ,

there are different types of Species of dogs the reason why they buy the dogs is to kill them / eat them, the meat is very sweet ,and i also love the meat...

My 5th lid post

IMG_20210507_184613.jpgpicture location

Due to too much traffic on the road I have to trake down to Waterside.
when I reach waterside I found out that the market have close and there is know one there, they close early due to coffee that is existing in ABA,

Every body wants to be with there family till coffee get started , I'm also in my house on a short time I will sleep off , goodnight and have a cool night rest

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