the diarygame through my lid report @goodseed 1/05/2021

My 1st lid report

Date :1/05/2021
Location:Aba ukaegbu


Hello my fellow steemains ,i hope you all spent your night well ,my night was very hot because of heat and I have low current in my house so I couldn't on my fan ,I have to come outside to get some fresh air so that my body will be cool after that I started feeling cold, I have to go inside the house so that cold will not catch me, I woke up around 5:00 in the morning have my morning worship and also take my bath , my medicine due to the rashes on my body, then i have go out for work wish you all a happy day
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My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210501_215028_872.jpgpicture location

I found my today sportlight at 21 Saint Michael's ,due to the weekend we are not every body come out for work , some people relax at their home taking care of their kids and also doing some house chores like washing their clothes cleaning of the houses and also going to the market to get some food stuff for the family ,cookand, also make sure that the kids are fine, why others go to work pack there cars to look for what there kids will eat , am so happy on how people hustle to survive.

My 3rd lid post


I'm on my way going back home I tried to withdraw money from the ATM and there was too much queue on the ATM I have to try to be dropped from POS I found out that the Furious girl have already closed and his is weekend i have to manage the small money that i have because am very very hungry,so i have to look for what to eat....

My 4th lid post


I have to use my money to buy pork meat the word the woman used to prepare pork meat and that means they have to buy it for her and my sister really enjoyed it this night she was even happy playing my music and as well dancing until she got tired she have to take her bath and as well sleep,my night is going to be cool just that i will sleep very late this night because i have to down load some software i will use in working on Monday,i wish you all a great night.....

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