the diary game through my lid report@goodseed 22/04/2021

My 1st lid post

Location:Aba ukaegbu
Time :6:30 pm


Hello friends hope you all have a great day ,this is my 1st post i was very bussy today so i I couldn't meet up with my morning picture so I decided to postit now that I have chance, stay turned for more update....

My 2nd lid post

IMG-20210422-WA0004.jpgpicture location

I was so happy to get my sportlight along emelogu street today,i think it will be very hard for me to find, i bring out my phone and take a picture of this trackor use in working road and I was excited....

My 3rd lid post


When i was working for my customer and the weather was very hot on me ,so i have to buy ice cream to cool my brain and i realy enjoyed it, after working for my customer i have to prepare my self for todays meetings .

My 4th lid post


I went out to min road to check if I can buy torchlight because there was no light, on my way going I saw this boy carrying refuse in his truck although is late at night because no one dispose refuses in daytime, if anyone disposes refuses in the day time the person Will face any consequences that is given to him or her by the government and I love what the boy did by obeying the government...

My 5th lid post

IMG_20210422_221523_105.jpgpicture location

Finally I bought torchlight so that I can make use of it this nght because i have alot to do this night ,after i will take my bath eat and sleep ,i wish you all a spendid night ,i will give you all update on how my night goes tomorrow morning..

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Thank you very much sir I really appreciate

27.04.2021 20:22