the diary game through my lid report@goodseed 05/05/2021

My 1st lid post

Date: 05/05/2021
Location :Aba ukaegbu
Time: 8:30 am


Good morning to you all ,i know your night was cool
I slept around 10:pm because i want to weak up early so as to get water for my mom, take my morning selfie
after that i take my bath and dress up for work ,have a splendid day while I update you..

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210505_081410.jpgpicture location

On my way going to work i found my today sportlight at parkroad ekeoma hospital, i have to come down from keke track to the street people where wondering what I'm doing and I brought out my phone set my camera to the hospital then capture the hospital, I have to go back and look for another keke that will take me to my working and I'm so happy that I found my spot light...

My 3rd lid post


I usually have a free day in the afternoon so as to have my lunch at ones, when I went to neighbour shop her daughter was crying once I stretch out my hand she jumped on me I have to carry her until she's happy, I make her laugh to forget her worries and her mum was so happy to see her baby keeping calm why she's attending some customers in her shop .

My 4th lid post


I was so busy today working for my customers although they wasted lot of time to make sure that there phone is ok before they left my shop, i tryed my best working on the phones but I have challenges i have to download somethings through internet, after working in the phone I have to couple it ,so that the owner will go with it ,they where very happy that there phone is back to life...

My 5th lid post


On my way going back home there was no means of transportation that will take me back to my home ,and due to to much traffic I have to trick park to Waterside, when I reach water side I saw crowd of people coming back from work they trick from there working place going to their house, when there reach at water side ,tthe road I was cleared and they have to enter bus that will lead them to their destination

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