the dairy game through my lid report@goodseed 26/04/2021

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Location:Aba ukaegbu


Hello my fellow steemains i hope you all have a great night, I woke up around 5 am in the morning i did my morning worship and also do some house chores, I'm so happy seeing a brighter day first Monday of the week wish you all Gods blessings through out the day ,stay tune for more update

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I found my taxi sport light in the morning when i was going to work at Asa road,

IMG-20210426-WA0018.jpgpicture location

alot of people where rushing in side the bus because their was know taxi bus that can carry peoplefrom Asa road down to arera market,some people where stand by the side of the road for like 1hrous,untill they find a taxi bus that will carry them to the market.......

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Am happy seeing this man i called him Fearless he is a good hard-working man, he is an electrical engineer for motorcycles he use it to feed his family and sustain himself he work , he is fixing this motorcycle to make sure that the motorcycle have light so as to help the owner of the motorcycle to ride it at night , because it's not good to ride Motorcycles at night without light he tried his best to make sure that everybody that have motorcycles must also have light because it helps them to see very well and clearly for the benefits of the rider and to save lifes.....

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This is my neighbour it is very happy on how today's work went, he sold about three phones today and he's happy that he make money today ,because not every body that comes out sold their goods, it shows no man should lose hope until the final whistle ,without been told the boy is a nice guy hard-working and he also help himself to make sure that he achieve something in life , the truth is that heaven help those who help themselves his heart was full of joy.

My 5th lid post


Is around 5:00 pm in the evening everybody where closing their shops due to the weather changes and also the coffee that is in ABA a lot of people close early to make sure they will reach there homes before coffee starts and also to make sure that day see a vehicle that can lift them to their home and i hope every body that is going far places are in their homes,i also went home early to make sure that I refresh myself due to too much heat, after taking my bath i will have my dinner and also chat with my lovely friend you know how she spent her day,i @goodseed wishes you a cute night

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