Today in History: Texas becomes the 28th State

I haven't done one of these in quite some time because the events of December are usually overshadowed by the spirit of the holidays anyway.

However, I felt compelled to write about this because of all the states that I lived in when I had a traveling job in my early 20's, Texas was my favorite spot that I temporarily called home.

The Year was 1845


The word "Texas" is based on an American Indian word that simply means "friends" and Texas has a bit of a checkered past that is unique when compared to almost all other states.

In the 17th to mid 19th century, it seemed that Europe really wanted in on the new world and Texas was not an exception. Originally colonized by Spain starting in 1690 and contested by France just before the turn of the century, the area became (sort of) part of Mexico for what is a relatively short period of time until 1836 or so and North America looked sort of like this.


Then some strange things happened: Texas became it's own country for a very short amount of time and then 9 years later joined the United States which lead to a 2 year-long war between Mexico and the United States.

Later, after the war was finished, Texas enjoyed a brief period of happiness before seceding from the United States over mostly slave laws, and then joined the Confederate States of America, which was something that only existed for 4 years.


This is a fairly accurate map of the USA at that time although it is necessary to understand that there was very little in the way of actual population anywhere south of Virginia and Areas like Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia were more of "contested" areas than dedicated to either side.

Well anyway, we all know how the Civil War panned out but many people don't realize that the final battle of said Civil War happened in Texas at The Battle of Palmito Ranch. This battle occurred despite the fact that the Confederacy had already ceased to exist at that point.

Although many Texans weren't happy about it the surrender of the Confederacy eventually lead to Texas being declared a US state again and there has been and likely always will be calls for Texas to secede from the Union ever again. They were re-admitted into the Union in 1870, nearly 5 years after the conclusion of the Civil War.


I don't know if you know very many Texans, but for the most part they have a pride in their state that the rest of the country doesn't really have. All that pride must come from somewhere and I love that state as well. Even though I only lived there for around 6 months, it was one of the favorite places I ever lived in America and is one of the few places I would consider moving to if I ever decide to relocate to USA.

And it all began today a mere 174 years ago.

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This is actually in Texas right now and I am hiking the coast to Corpus Christy.....I thought that this was ironic when I saw it in my feed.....great post man.

Thats my latest blog on my Texas coast hike

29.12.2019 07:46

oooh, a texas coast hike? I like the sound of it!

30.12.2019 02:41

Is this related to that movie titled "The Alamo"?

29.12.2019 07:49

the Alamo happened before the Civil War and was instrumental in Mexico eventually agreeing to sell Texas to the USA rather than fight over it.

30.12.2019 02:40

In my opinion, one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of government is to create smaller states everywhere. This reminds me of giving Texas it's own statehood but the same principle applies to nearly every state and even breaking some of the bigger ones further. Combining this many economies under one roof leads to some types of disasters.

29.12.2019 09:02

that's an interesting theory you got there. I can't imagine that happening in USA ever though... can't mess up that nice round number of 50! There were times when there was talk of splitting California into at least 2 parts, it might have been three... i'm not sure about this.

30.12.2019 02:38

I temporarily lived in Texas in my 20s as well and really liked it. I lived in Denton, which is a college town, but I wasn't in college. Someone I was dating at the time owned a house down there, but had been living where I was in Wisconsin. When my band broke up and I was also out of work, we decided to move down there and live in her house.

I liked the town because it felt like a small town, but it had a music venue that decent bands would play at, some good restaurants, etc. I only ended up living there for about a year and a half before moving back, but I still remember the experience pretty fondly. Everyone I met there was really nice in a way that midwestern people aren't.

I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Texas actually seceded from the union at some point, speaking of the pride people who live there have in it. It's definitely big enough to be a country!

29.12.2019 11:47

Yes, I have heard about Texas, Actually My favorite star Jensen Ackles lives there.
You have dearly appreciated the place, I would surely plan to go there sometime soon.
Keep flourishing!

29.12.2019 20:03

I have been to Oklahoma, but I have never been to Texas. I am sure I will make it there someday. I have always wanted to visit Austin because of the huge live music scene, but my brother in law says part of the reason he loves Austin is because it is the most Un-Texas city in Texas :) That is very interesting about the history of it leaving and then joining. I read a book several years ago called "How the State Got their Shapes". It was a really good read. It mostly came down to rivers but there were some other interesting stories.

30.12.2019 12:43

I was upset that my Texas post made only a dollar and yours got so many, but then I read yours and saw why. Great read bro. I love Texas too.

30.12.2019 17:32