Playstation Plus January: Goat Simulator- WTF is this?

The Playstation Plus membership is basically how I acquire 90% of my game library. I am not an early adopter of games outside of very rare instances such as Final Fantasy releases. I am subjected to the whims of whatever Playstation decides to give us each month and normally it ends up being worthwhile.

The January games that were "free" are Uncharted, which is excellent, and then there is Goat Simulator , as a friend of mine who also has a PS-Plus membership eloquently stated, is "pure shite."


I don't expect a lot from my membership that only costs me $3 a month (because i pre-pay for the year) and Goat Simulator is not the only game that I have downloaded, played for a bit, and then deleted from the system altogether, but it might be the first one i deleted in less than an hour.


As far as i could tell in my first 20 minutes, the objective of the game is there isn't really an objective. You just run around smashing as much stuff as possible and harassing the humans while occasionally getting hit by cars. As far as I could determine the game never ends and you can't die (that's one tough goat.)

There are certain "objectives" that you are given such as doing flips and what not, but other than that, there doesn't appear to be much else going on.

I don't know exactly who their target audience is but I can't really imagine that someone would feel this game is anything more than a temporary distraction.

I have read statements that suggest that the game was a joke that just ended up being popular for some reason and the broken physics are a tell-tale sign that at first, the devs weren't even taking it seriously. It wouldn't be the first game that gained massive popularity despite the fact that the creators didn't really intend for it to be a big seller... anyone remember Flappy Bird?


It did seem a bit reminiscent of Tony Hawk games from the 90's, but without the fun. After about 20 minutes of running around and blowing up gas tankers with a head but and later having a Deadmaus hat on that changed the music to a really repetitive and annoying song that I couldn't figure out how to get off of my trusty goat, I'd had enough.

from the official Playstation channel

I have to admit, that's a pretty funny game trailer and it kind of does a good job of showing how completely ridiculous this title is.

So you could say that I am a little disappointed with 1/2 of the games that we Playstation Plus members are offered this month. I can't imagine any scenario that would result in me turning this game back on again.

If you are a fan of the game, i would like to know what is the matter with you.... or am I just missing something about why this is so popular?

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13.01.2020 07:47

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/10 - need recharge?)

13.01.2020 07:47

I don't know exactly who their target audience is

Me. I'm their target audience lol. Okay I'd probably get bored after an hour of pointless smashing but knowing me, I'll probably just get on it again when I have a few minutes to kill.

Do humans try to eat the goats?

They could make a sequel of it and throw in a goat uprising against humans milking and eating them. Now that would add a hilarious spin to the tale

13.01.2020 07:55

lol.... well there has to be more people that feel that way since they have sold millions of copies. It just isn't for me.

The humans are extremely resilient, nobody dies in this game that i can tell.

13.01.2020 09:28

I'm not surprised. Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to be an immortal goat? lol

13.01.2020 09:31

Sounds a bit mindless and one you would get seriously bored of very quickly. At least have an objective or something, otherwise what is the point.

13.01.2020 08:00

I only looked yesterday at what PSN EU was offering and noticed Goat as well as the Nathan Drake Collection.

Again it wasn't enough for me to re-sub, though the latter is a good deal. I played some of the Uncharted Games on the old PS3, don't want them again.

13.01.2020 09:02

i was contemplating buying Uncharted when it went on some sort of super special a few months back. I'm glad I didn't because I have noticed that those games that are on "super special" have a better-than-average chance of becoming the "free" game a few months later.

13.01.2020 09:51

Read the games description in the PS store, its epic

13.01.2020 11:02

This is the type of game that I would have expected them to give you for free in the month of April as like a April fools joke. Maybe that is what it originally was and now it was sitting in their bin and they figured what the heck. At least you were able to determine pretty quickly that it was crap before you got really invested in it :)

13.01.2020 13:21

The name alone would've made me avoid it.

13.01.2020 19:27

Hahaha, I had such a laugh after seeing this

14.01.2020 09:59