Steemconnect notice 2

Hello everyone,

As we mentioned in our previous post, Steemconnect will be deprecated.

According to our stats, there are few apps still using Steemconnect. Please consider moving to alternative versions of Steemconnect, as we won't be running it beyond 1st July.

We decided to extend service for 1 more month and after 1st of July, there won't be anymore notices and service will go down.

Our efforts are going towards building and improving at this moment.

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Thank you for your service.

02.06.2020 08:39

Thanks again for all you do. Steem is a dying platform that people do not want to use, so concentrating on Hive is the right choice.

02.06.2020 09:48

Dude don't you have any other job than singing steem is dying all over the web ? i respect opinions, but i have come to notice you are spreading Fake news, it's not hard to figure that out. If you feel steem & steemit isnt for you. Please pack your bags with your powerdown and concentrate on making Hive a better platform for users. because at the moment i can't see what makes hive a better platform. Please stop misleading investors if you are not a financial advisor. sometimes certain narrative gets boring. Good luck on your future endeavors on HIVE. I use steem and it's been revived since the split and i wonder why.

02.06.2020 12:32

I invested a lot of effort in Steem, so I think I can express an opinion. What is fake about what I say? A lot of projects have left, in some cases after Steemit took their funds away. Steem is censored and Steemit/Justin control who gets to be a witness. Do you dispute those?

I'm commenting a lot less and not posting, but I will respond when I think it is needed.


02.06.2020 14:13

Investing alot of time in steem doesnt mean you have to burn it down on your way out ( i am sure you have claimed the rewards for your investments no?). It's blockchain governance DPOS, you have more say with more stake, justin didnt write the rules. it's his stake that was on the line. But by freezing his funds and excluding others from HIVE, you declared war it's simple as that not just on Justin but blockchain in itself. One of the reason Bitcoin was created, was for financial inclusion for the unbanked however thats maybe achieved. Hive broke that rule on every fundamental level, there's no way around that. The logic is 0 or 1, you don't go around bending the rules on assumptions and freezing investors funds ( Imagine Bitcoin miners freezing satoshis funds ?), excluding those that have their right and opinions without any evidence. Taking away freedom of expression on governance. Thats in itself goes against the ethos of blockchain, if HIVE witness can do that then I think it's only fair Justin and steem witnesses pays that courtesy. Freezing Justin's stake was crossing a line, that should never happen if you are to attract any investors. I bet any investor will think twice now before buying more stake than your witness on HIVE, no?. @steevc the last 10 m of a race always seem to be the most difficult part and when you finally get to the finish line, it's euphoric.

Justin sun didnt commit a crime by aquiring stake and the witch hunt should stop. Remember this whole drama started by freezing an investors stake.

02.06.2020 17:50

So Justin said was wrong to freeze his stake (which was explicitly temporary), but it's fine to do it to others and censor their posts. Steem is centralised and that's not what I signed up to. Nothing is perfect, but Hive > Steem. My opinion.

02.06.2020 19:49

where you going steve? :(

03.06.2020 06:33

Thanks for your service, STRIKE>@bad-karma @good-karma!

02.06.2020 21:29

Hi is there any more upvoting services?

03.06.2020 06:34

So it's dead now?

07.07.2020 15:40

Good advice to consider, thank you very much for the information, may we all be in good health and always be successful.

25.01.2021 19:00


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10.05.2021 22:38

is it working globally?

25.05.2021 15:50

What's esteem. app? i got it but didn't understand thoroughly

25.05.2021 15:48