Do you want to earn extra money to develop/document Steem API?

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Steem on really

05.02.2020 14:22

If only i can read javascript.. I would love to mke my own app..

05.02.2020 14:37

Damn. Upvoting your own two sentences comment with $0.03. Do you really think that you deserve any reward for these two sentences? Why a lot of people are so selfish on the Steem blockchain?

05.02.2020 21:44

If you know little basics of Javascript

I only wish I knew. I currently do not know any code. Only a very basic HTML. Probably the majority of the users are in the same (or similar) shoes as me.

05.02.2020 21:41

Actually, it doesn't require JS, but would be good to know so while improving json information developer could test how it looks like and test query before submitting the work.

06.02.2020 02:20


06.02.2020 05:48

I see someone started already on it, which is a good thing. I coded Javascript old ways long back, need to refresh my skills. Sometimes back, I saw a light weight library Steem-Tx , and even its ready to be used from browser.

What's the diff between using that vs Swagger API ?

06.02.2020 06:30

Swagger uses steem-js library on backend but its goal is to provide you access to steem API directly so you can interact with it without needing to write any code so you can plan your code accordingly. This task doesn't require much js skills...

06.02.2020 07:03

If I see the list of operations , its mostly get operations. For posting (post / comment) , are there any API ?

And I see already 3 people started on the task.

06.02.2020 07:50

Yes, there are post and comment operations but it is not in scope of this task.

06.02.2020 12:47

I am a professional Javascript Developer, know all shiny things about js, but struggle to find relative documentation where I can start doing stuff. Life Git page, Wikis, etc. Anyone?

06.02.2020 08:31

If you read this post, everything is in there to get you started if you want to develop, there is devportal, there is js library, there is this interactive api...

06.02.2020 12:48

do i need to apply here as a contributor?
but i don't see apply or anything...😅

06.02.2020 15:24


07.02.2020 13:05

Wow! Sounds cool

07.02.2020 18:20

there is no "Express Interest" button that means you have got enough people and its closed already?

08.02.2020 18:09

never mind! somebody got it already 🙂

08.02.2020 18:22

Congratulations 😉

09.02.2020 07:17

I know only basic html and some scripting, can i do it?

10.02.2020 02:56

Of course you could, but I think, we have already submitted work which will likely get accepted. Maybe next time...

10.02.2020 03:17

:D :-)

10.02.2020 15:42

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08.09.2020 19:24