The Lighting - December 22, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

Christmas tree - lights and candles crop December 2019.jpg

My friend I put the tree up with had invited me to a Lighting of the Tree on Sunday afternoon. She had also invited a few of her friends in and had spent all week decorating her apartment with Christmas things and some beautiful ikebana flower arrangements she made.

She’d also been cooking up all kinds of delicious goodies. The place looked so lovely! I got there a little early as I was to make the eggnog. When the rest arrived, we had a great time eating goodies and drinking eggnog, looking at the beautiful tree, and sharing stories.

Three of us keep, or kept, chickens so there were a lot of chicken stories. One woman said when she chicken sits this one flock of 6 during the summer, the pecking order is so strong that if one bird enters the coop for the night in the wrong order, there’s a kerfuffle inside and they all come flying back out and start over.

My friend had set up the lights on a controller, and could remotely change the tree from lights to candles and back. It was a bit startling at first, but really cool to watch.

Christmas tree - candles only crop December 2019.jpg

There were red candles from last year, and white ones that were new this year. She lit them all, but had to put out the red ones when they burned low. Just a few white candles lit were very pretty also.

Two of the women chickensit for the 3rd woman who has a flock and she had brought beautiful cyclamen plants as a thank you gift for them. My friend had a chocolate truffles present for each of us. It was a really lovely evening.

When they left, I had to wait for my husband to come pick me up, so I help clean up. I came home with lots of goodies, the best being a chicken liver pate she had made!

So I’ve had 3 Christmas events in the last week making for a lovely way to spend the season.

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Sounds like an awesome time!

23.12.2019 20:50

I would have loved to hear all of those chicken stories. LOL! It is so much fun to get together with friends and relax during this time of year. I love the candles on the tree. : )

25.12.2019 00:36

I used to host a local chicken group once a month or so a few years ago. We'd get together for tea or coffee and goodies and swap chicken stories and information. It was great fun!

25.12.2019 00:58

I bet it was. I don't know anything about chickens but would love to hear the stories. I used to have a cookie exchange when I was younger. Can you tell I am a city girl? LOL!

25.12.2019 01:24