Some Garden Work Done - November 5, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

Soil Samples1A crop Sept. 2018.jpg

Tuesday morning my helper friend went out and got the soil samples for the Small garden and the New Herb garden. I’d been doing the Big garden long enough that I think I can go to once every 3 years for it. The other 2 are much more recent gardens and need more work.

For more on how I soil test look here.

Fence gardens - partially cleaned up1 crop November 2019.jpg
Fence gardens 1 - 4

Then he went out and cut down all the tall dead things along the Fence gardens. They still need cleaned out but at least there’s not a lot of tall stuff.

Fence gardens - partially cleaned up2 crop November 2019.jpg
Fence gardens 7 - 5

New Herb - Row 1, butterflyweed mess crop November 2019.jpg
New Herb garden, Row 1, butterflyweed mess

I noticed the butterflyweed pods had burst. My intern is coming on Wednesday and we will be cleaning out the New Herb garden, and will get this mess.

Gloomy November afternoon crop 2019.jpg
Gloomy November afternoon

The short burst of clearing at noon on Tuesday didn’t last and most of the day was dark and gloomy, but warmer.

Wildflower seedlings crop November 2019.jpg
Wildflower seedlings on the drainfield

These seedlings are doing very well, but the real cold comes Thursday and will stop them in their tracks. I hope they survive until next year….

Wednesday is to be sunny, so I will stretch out the water hoses in the sun to warm up. Then we will drain them and put them away. The water barrel must be emptied and put away also.

I used to store the lawn chairs in the Tonka garage but this year we moved all the amendments into it. So I must find a place for them. I’m going to try to get my son to wash them before I put them away Wednesday.

It was so windy and rainy the other day, it took almost all the leaves off the signature oak tree. I’d like to get the tarps off the Small garden Wednesday. They won’t get washed, for the 2nd year in a row, but at least I can hang them to dry and put them away on Thursday.

These last chores will be all the winter prep for this year.

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WOW! I went back and looked at the soil testing post from 11 months ago... and your land has been farmed since the 1670's?!?!? That is truly amazing!

06.11.2019 12:28

Yes, this part of Mass was settled very early on. The Indians were farming the plains where I live before the settlers took it over.

06.11.2019 13:48

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