Smith College Greenhouses on My Birthday - January 17, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

Smith Greenhouses - pond room reflection crop January 2020.jpg
The reflection in one of the pond houses

I had wanted to wander through the Smith College greenhouses for my birthday.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.49.57 AM_0.jpg

We entered into the Church Exhibition Gallery and quickly wandered through this exhibit. I had checked it out thoroughly when I’d gone to the Chrysanthemum Show in November.

Smith College Greenhouses Map crop.jpg
source Map of the greenhouses

Then we went up through the Physiology House where they had the bulbs being forced for the Bulb Show on March 7th. Then through into the Cold Storage house where there were more.

Smith Greenhouses - camillia1 crop January 2020.jpg

Outside we came around to the Camellia Corridor. At this point I realized I’d left my camera in the car, so all these photos were taken by my husband. Some were ones I asked for and some were ones he was taken with.

Smith Greenhouses - camillia2 white crop January 2020.jpg
What a delight!

Smith Greenhouses - camillia3 red-white crop January 2020.jpg
So many different types of camellias

Smith Greenhouses - camillia3 pale pink crop January 2020.jpg
Some were just an enchantment to enjoy

Smith Greenhouses - camillia5 red-white shrub crop January 2020.jpg
Some just a surprise

Smith Greenhouses - Massonia crop January 2020.jpg
Massonia depressa

There were many more plants in this corridor than camellias.

Smith Greenhouses - orchid1 crop January 2020.jpg

Smith Greenhouses - camillia6  pink crop January 2020.jpg

Smith Greenhouses - camillia7  frilly pink crop January 2020.jpg
A frilly camellia

Some of the plants do have tags on them, but many more do not, or one can’t access the tag.

Smith Greenhouses - hanging hairy plant crop January 2020.jpg

My husband found this plant covered with hair.

Smith Greenhouses - hanging hairy plant close-up crop January 2020.jpg
A close-up of it

Smith Greenhouses - hanging bead flower crop January 2020.jpg
I liked this one with beads for flowers

Smith Greenhouse1 - clivia crop March 2016.jpg
Smith clivia March 2016

From there we went to the Cool Temperate House. This house has plants in sections labeled by the continents: Africa, Asia, etc. We didn’t take any photos except of the seed pods of the giant clivia that lives there. The photo didn’t come out well.

Smith Greenhouses - parasitic vines crop January 2020.jpg
Parasitic plants on bark

From there we went into the Palm House. I call this the Jungle Room. A person I met a while back had a grandfather who was instrumental in the development of these greenhouses. She used to play in them with her brother. She said her grandfather said when this house was first started, it had monkeys living in it.

Smith Greenhouses - jungle room cacao crop January 2020.jpg

We always check two of the plants in this room: the cacao tree and the banana tree. As you can see, the cacao tree is covered with fruit.

Smith Greenhouses - jungle room bananas crop January 2020.jpg

The banana tree had lots of green fruit on it.

The prayer plants on the floor had buds for flowers on them. This house is the warmest and I love going in there, especially on such a cold day as Friday was.

Smith Greenhouses - orchid2 crop January 2020.jpg

From there we went into the Stove house and found more orchids blooming. This house had the best scent of all of them. It also had bromeliads and pitcher plants. I’m not sure if the refection photo at top was in this house or the next one.

Smith Greenhouses - orchid3 crop January 2020.jpg
Fountains of orchids…

Smith Greenhouses - bromeliad bloom crop January 2020.jpg
Bromeliad flowers

Smith Greenhouses - impatiens crop January 2020.jpg

Smith Greenhouses - spotted leaves crop January 2020.jpg

I particularly liked the spots on this plant.

Smith Greenhouses - peperomia crop January 2020.jpg

Some of the short ends of the houses are where they have created banks of flowers, like this peperomia and Swedish ivy one.

Smith Greenhouses - pond room pitcher plants1 crop January 2020.jpg
Pitcher plants hanging happily over one of the ponds

Smith Greenhouses - pond room pitcher plants2 floating mat crop January 2020.jpg

Underneath, this pond was bisected and this section had a floating mat of foliage.

Smith Greenhouses - pond room giant leaf1 crop January 2020.jpg

Along the wall from the mat of foliage, this plant had the hugest leaves for something not a tree, like a banana. They had to be over 2’ long.

Smith Greenhouses - pond room giant leaf2 crop January 2020.jpg

The texture of the surface was smooth and soft, just heavenly.

Smith Greenhouses - satin leaves crop January 2020.jpg

But this plant beat them all! These leaves felt just as satiny as they looked. Incredible! I can’t help but wonder if someone seeing it then went and tried to create a textile to replicate it….

Smith Greenhouses - begonia leaves crop January 2020.jpg
Brilliant red on the leaf of this begonia between the green veins

Smith Greenhouses - orchid4 lady slipper crop January 2020.jpg
A lady slipper orchid

Smith Greenhouses - orchid5 crop January 2020.jpg
More orchids

Smith Greenhouses - orchid6 crop January 2020.jpg

These orchids looked like ladies in full skirts dancing.

Smith Greenhouses - orchid7 crop January 2020.jpg
I think this is a spider orchid

Smith Greenhouses - pond room frog crop January 2020.jpg

As we left the stove house, my husband got this shot of the frog because he knows I love frogs. They used to put goldfish in these ponds, but people would not stop throwing coins into the water. The coins poisoned the fish, so now there’s none. Sometimes we will see a frog that has snuck in…

Smith Greenhouses - geranium crop January 2020.jpg
Pelargoniums in the Show House

We went through the tiny Fern House and the Show House.

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room1 crop January 2020.jpg

Then we moved onto the Succulant House.

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room2 crop January 2020.jpg
Benches of cacti and succulants

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room3 hairy1 crop January 2020.jpg

We always like the hairy cactuses.

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room3 hairy2 crop January 2020.jpg

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room3 hairy with dew crop January 2020.jpg

This one had dewdrops sparkling on its hairs.

Smith Greenhouses - cactus room4 crop January 2020.jpg

Many of them were flowering.

There’s been visits where this house has looked really sad, lots of dying plants, or damaged ones. But on Friday, they all looked great!

It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour or two on a cold afternoon. I love to touch the plants to feel the various textures. There’s always a heavenly scent in at least one of the houses. And there’s more than enough flowers to keep me going for a while longer until the Bulb Show! It’s usually very quiet (unless the vent system creaks into action) and serene in these houses.

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20.01.2020 19:29

My allergies make it extremely rough to go, so I've only been to the Smith greenhouse once, but it was very impressive when I went!
Thanks for sharing the pictures. It lets those of us who physically can't go enjoy it as well!

20.01.2020 20:12

You have my sympathies, allergies that make such an outing unhappy. :(( I am glad you got to enjoy my visit vicariously. :))

20.01.2020 22:30

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