Making My Lunch - January 5, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

Brocolli florets crop January 2020.jpg
Starting with broccoli

On Sunday I wanted a simple but substantial lunch. I set a large amount of quinoa to cook and dug around in the vegetable drawers. The quinoa would take 10 minutes to cook and needed to sit 10 minutes. That would be ample time to prepare broccoli and greens to go with it.

Wallas - chopping greens bowl crop September 2019.jpg

I have a green Fiestaware bowl I got at a tag sale last year. It makes a perfect large salad bowl, being very deep for easy mixing of ingredients.

Washed greens crop January 2020.jpg

We joined a Market Share at a local farmers store and they have the very best greens, if you aren’t growing your own. Being mid winter, we aren’t.

Quinoa crop January 2020.jpg

By the time I’d gotten the vegs done, the quinoa was finished.

Citrus dressing crop January 2020.jpg

I added the greens and a spicy citrus dressing I like.

Salad finished crop January 202.jpg

All mixed up and ready to eat.

New seedling trays crop January 2020.jpg

On Saturday morning, in the rain, when we headed out to the Farmers Market, we discovered a huge box at the end of the driveway. It was my 45 seedling trays. UPS has taken to dropping packages at the end of the driveway instead of delivering them to the house as they have for 35 years.

When we got back home I opened it and discovered 5 of the trays were smashed. So I have to deal with that on Monday.

I can no longer get the white trays, this beigey tan is the best I can do. But they should work for out in the cold frame.

Pam in new hat crop Dec. 2016.jpg
Old good coat, my favorite

I decided to go shopping for a new good winter coat. Mine of 15+ years had to have a new lining, something beyond my ability. It would cost as much as a new coat to have it done. I’d been wearing my old every day coat, but the zipper is failing. So we went coat shopping.

We went to 5 stores and they all seemed to carry the same thing: nylon parkas. Not what I had in mind. I wanted a wool or wool blend with a hood, similar to my old good coat. We found nothing but these fuzzy, fake fur things that were so thin they’d not keep you warm in autumn, never mind winter.

I may have found one for sale online. I must check if it is returnable, if it doesn’t fit. I may end up taking the old good coat and having a lining put into it. Then have a zipper put into the everyday coat when the first is repaired.

On Monday morning I was awoken at 5AM by the owls hooting in the swamp. My husband had planned to go deepsea fishing on Monday, but was not having a good day on Sunday. The car was still in the driveway when I got up. He’ll be sad to miss a really good day for fishing.

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06.01.2020 11:22

45 seedling trays, now that's a lot of seedlings. I know that many will not make it, but if even half of the seedlings thrive, and are strong enough to plant, your garden must be huge @goldenoakfarm.

06.01.2020 17:09

I start about 1200 - 1500 seedlings most years. I do not have a greenhouse, they are all in my kitchen or living room windows, with grow lights. As soon as they are big enough they go to the cold frame. So I could easily use 80 trays in a season.

I have 2 veg gardens, one 60' x 43' and the other 36' x30'. We grow most of our own food for the year. I also have a 50' x 37' herb garden and start stuff for that too.

I have sandy loam here and it doesn't hold water long. This makes germination poor. So I start nearly everything I plan to grow, except carrots and beans and peas. I also started a lot of flowers for the (used to be) 37 flowerbeds.

So they get used, most years.

06.01.2020 20:55