December Gardens - December 11, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

Big garden and addition crop December 2019.jpg

On Wednesday, I had to walk way out in the yard to get the construction photos. I realized the gardens looked pretty in the snow and sun, so I got some shots of them.

The Big garden, above, has remains of the herbs that were transplanted from the New Herb garden last spring. The stakes in the lower left mark the bulbs dug up from somewhere, forgotten which garden. There’s 4 stakes in a rectangle in the center of the photo. Those are all my tulip bulbs from under trees.

I noticed when I took this photo I had forgotten to get the sweet pea vines out of the crabapple, upper left side. It survived the snow this time, but might not next time. So that will be done by my helper friend on Thursday.

Small garden crop December 2019.jpg

In the Small garden the stakes mark the sleeping garlic under their mulch covers. The rest of the garden doesn’t look bad, but I know what an awful mess is under that snow, waiting for me next spring…

New Herb garden1 crop December 2019.jpg

The snow that very nearly covered the New Herb garden’s fence a few days ago melted right away in the mid 50’s temps we had shortly after. We can again see the markers. This will come in handy next week when my intern and I draw the new map for this garden, to plan seed and plant orders that must be in by December 20th.

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What a contrast from now to spring when the gardens will be growing again

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

12.12.2019 12:07