Barge Rafters and Sheathing the Valley - November 15, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

Construction - 2nd barge rafter up crop November 2019.jpg

On Friday it wasn’t as cold, low 20’s and he got out there when the sun got well up. He’d announced he’d figured out how to get the barge rafter up by himself, and did so.

Construction - half of north valley sheathed crop November 2019.jpg

He then started laying plywood on the north valley and got ½ of it done.

Construction - prepping for 3rd barge rafter crop November 2019.jpg

The last thing he did on Friday was prep for the barge rafter in the north valley.

Construction - half of north valley and rafter prep crop November 2019.jpg

This photo made me do a double take. I know the north side is 1 flat wall but it sure looks like there’s a jut in it where the ladder is. It’s actually the opening for the back door; just between the sheathing on the valley, the ladder, and the opening, it looks funny.

Saturday is to be cold, mid 30’s. But it looks like 40’s for the next week with some rain in the middle. I expect he will be out there once he’s finished the milk run Saturday morning.

He’s contacted 2 brothers about putting the 20 sq of roofing on. Hopefully they will be able to do it before it gets too cold. He should have the plywood done by the end of next week, I think.

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