Ulog 177: Making Fermented Garlic Using My Ferment Starter

Last month I shared with you all my ferment starter recipe and today I'm expanding that post by showing you how I make fermented garlic using the same starter..

I also made some fermented honey and garlic- watch for a future post coming. It's always great to have this on hand year-round, but especially in the winter months to help with your immune system.


Using my ferment starter to make this garlic.

A few weeks ago I had purchased an abundance of fresh garlic and discovered my eyes were bigger than my menu planning; and I had quite a few cloves leftover. So instead of wasting the garlic, I decided to ferment it for longevity and use. I had seen a YouTube video months ago from the same person who I had found the ferment starter and started peeling the garlic.

In this pint jar I added the peeled garlic, 2 cups of of the ferment starter and one teaspoon of pickling salt. I'll let it sit on the counter for three to five days (each day giving it a shake). Then I'll be able to use the fermented garlic for a variety of recipes.

Have no fear, even though the ferment starter was made with blue, rasp and black berries, the garlic will not have the berry flavor. Upon opening the ferment starter, the essence was pure heaven. You could smell the ferment (sour) aroma and it was perfect.

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Ferment Starter

Make sure to _feed_ the starter again; using 1-cup of distilled or filtered water (I use spring water) and a tablespoon of organic sugar. Shake well and store in the refrigerator.

_Keeping the starter fed will aid in keeping it on hand for future uses._

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This is interesting! Garlic is miraculous I need to eat a piece daily!😋

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10.12.2019 17:01

2 garlics a day, keep the immune system okay

10.12.2019 22:49

Get ready for the most epic garlic breath!

10.12.2019 22:48

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11.12.2019 00:04

I just harvested my garlic - fermenting is a great idea, thanks for the tip.


12.12.2019 19:44

Fascinating, indeed!

In lak'ech, JaiChai

13.12.2019 04:03

@goldendawne I am a true garlic lover and we normally store it in a bottle with vinegar my friend.
The fermented starter looks like a good idea and I looked at the "ferment starter recipe"
Do you know what the contents of the "starter" is?

13.12.2019 08:02

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Always good to have an immune booster on hand especially during the cold season!That sounds like a real interesting recipe and I love garlic!
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