Ulog 168: I'm A Cubital Tunnel Over-Achiever!

Less than three weeks ago I wrote a post about being prepared for a possible surgical procedure that may be entering my life... and today I found out the surgery is necessary; not elective.


As I sat in the orthopaedic surgeon's waiting room, having already braved the four inches of snow on the roads and being under a winter weather warning until the wee hours of tomorrow, my mind kept wandering about what I still needed to do at home to prepare just in case this surgeon informed me that I would indeed need surgery.

  • I still had kitchen cupboards to organize
  • I was right in the middle of a new vegetative cannabis crop
  • I have a shelving unit to re-purpose as a soap curing shelf
  • I have my two dogs
  • I have...

The list goes on, but you see what I'm getting at.

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Temporary Relief Given

Until I can get scheduled for surgery, the doctor did give me an injection. Oh boy, nothing I like more than needles... SARCASM.

Let me tell you... this injection HURT!

Right into the wrist (palm side up)!

Apparently I am dealing with two nerve issues in my left arm/elbow and hand.

The nerve in my wrist (carpal tunnel) developed due to the nerve in my elbow getting displaced last year. So the doctor could give me some relief of the pain there; but not in the elbow; there are no injections for that area I guess.

The numbness in my pinkie and ring finger is getting worse. The strength in my left hand is worsening.And finally, the only way to stop the nerve damage is to have the surgery.

So I braved the six inches of snow now on the ground and made it home; all the while thinking I don't want this surgery. I don't deserve this surgery.

Wearing a cubital tunnel brace will not fix this issue. The doctor told me that with my two fingers being completely numb is a sign the problem has gone too far to repair without surgery. If the numbness was intermittent then perhaps the brace, therapy and medical could help.

Go figure... I am a cubital tunnel over-achiever!

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And for those of you who like SNOW!! Six inches and counting...

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I hope all goes well for you. For me it's the dentist I hate going to...

11.11.2019 20:59

Ahhhh, the first snow, always so pretty...

Bummer about the surgery, sure hope it goes well for you, when the time comes...

11.11.2019 23:30

Oh, how did you end up getting this? Lack of exercise, injury? I'm curious about it if it's not indiscretion.

12.11.2019 00:15

Wishing you all the best with your surgery. The chores can wait, they will be there when you are good and recovered.

12.11.2019 03:30

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12.11.2019 05:48

Wow that sucks but I bet it will be wonderful to have the nerve damage stopped and hopefully they can do some repairs? It looks like a good day to get snowed in!

12.11.2019 06:04

The best of luck to you when you have the surgery!!! πŸ’–

12.11.2019 06:37


I have the same love affair with needles as you do. You have my commiserations.

I am sorry to hear that you have to have the surgery. As it so happens I've run into two people in the village who have either just had, or were about to have the surgery. One of the guys, had it on both hands, simultaneously. Couldn't be happier with the result. The other, our neighbour, I've not seen, but am sure I will when they're here next weekend. There, too, it had been delayed until necessary. I'm sure that his and yours will be a success.

Good luck!

12.11.2019 07:29

Sorry to hear about your need for surgery, and I hope it's successful so everything in your arm is made whole again, and you regain the feeling in your fingers!

12.11.2019 08:25

I hope you will be fine and the surgery will goes well. For some reason, I was afraid.πŸ€—

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12.11.2019 09:30

Sorry to hear about your surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care always! 😊😊

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12.11.2019 10:06

Experiencing pain and discomfort continuously makes us disgruntled, hope your to do list is sorted before the op, enabling you to relax a little and regain your strength.

Thanks for the cool snow photography, take time to recuperate our thoughts are with you @goldendawne

12.11.2019 10:13

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12.11.2019 11:13

Best of luck with the surgery, @goldendawne. Chores will always be there.

I don’t want to see snow here yet but it does look pretty.

12.11.2019 12:09

I ouched when I read the line on the needle although I myself am not afraid of it but I feel the pain of others. So sorry to hear you went through this. Hope all be will be better soon.

12.11.2019 14:07

Wishing good thoughts for you! To provide a positive spin, it'll be routine and they sure do know what they're doing. I know it doesn't alleviate nervousness and concern, but it will get better!

12.11.2019 14:21

Wow, prayers coming your way @goldendawne. Alotta postal workers get carpel tunnel due to the repetitive motion of pitching mail into a case in front of them. I used a brace to help mine from getting worse. πŸ™

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12.11.2019 14:54

I had carpal tunnel syndrome a few years back , after 3 injections it healt thank god. I wish you strength

12.11.2019 15:19

I really hope all goes well for you.
Do get a second opinion before going in for any surgery.. or even a 3rd or 4th
I've seen many cases that doctors misdiagnose patients and it turns out its actually nothing..
Best to be careful and 100% sure

12.11.2019 15:22
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12.11.2019 16:31

So sorry you will have to undergo surgery @goldendawne. Don't worry about everything you need to get done, just take care of you! :) Beautiful snow to "see" but not to drive in, noooooo way. Stay safe!

12.11.2019 16:46

Oy Vay! Sad to hear about the verve issues my dear friend.
The doc sounds like he knows what to do and our prayers are with you.

What's with us and orthopedic doctors lately?
The 5th and 6th vertebrae in my spine is almost bone to bone and on my way to the orthopedic clinic, this is what I was doing!


No snow, as summer here in the Southern Hemisphere and I can always make a plan to get some photos hahaha.

I am booked for an MRI scan of the spine on Friday morning and cannot wait for the operation, as the pain in my legs are driving me crazy!
Blessings and hope that your operation will be a great success!

12.11.2019 18:37

Oh my word that sounds so painful! And you had to brave that snow! Wishing you well with the surgery, sure that will sort out the problem @goldendawne.

12.11.2019 19:05

Oh that is a bummer. I wish you a speedy recovery!

12.11.2019 20:52

Sorry to hear you need the surgery! Here's hoping all goes well and it gives you the relief and healing you desire!
And now with a bit of time and your list of things that need to be done I guess it will be a busy time! Take care!

13.11.2019 01:52

Wishing you a speedy recovery when you have the surgery. You'll feel so much better when it's over!

13.11.2019 02:59

Best wishes!

14.11.2019 05:58

I hope that the surgery will be easy on you and you have a full recovery. How are they going to fix the displaced nerve in the elbow?

15.11.2019 23:39