Ulog 165: I'm Just A Simple Girl- No Bells & Whistles For Me

Last Thursday we had to say goodbye to our clothes washing machine. It was actually in our house when we purchased it back in February 2017, and come to find out, it had actually out-lasted a normal life expectancy of clothes washing machines by a few years.

So for the first time in... two decades, I had to go appliance shopping for a new one.

The last time I bought a clothes washing machine was back in 1998, when I was getting divorced and needed one in my new to me old farmhouse.

And let me tell you... things have certainly changed in the clothes washing area of life!

Machines are now so advanced with their we figure out the amount of water to add to the machine so you don't have to select the proper water level and the front load machines (which sadly remind me too much of the late Saturday nights spent in a semi-local laundromat because I didn't have a machine at home). Not a great memory, so I said no to those.

I mean, I just wanted a washing machine with a few buttons, selections and preferences.

Mr Golden D tried to talk me into a few machines with the bells and whistles and I just couldn't. Each feature costs you and have you seen the prices of washing machines lately?!

WHOLLY TOLEDO Batman! You almost need a loan or second mortgage to buy one.

One of the machines Mr Golden D tried to talk me into was over $2500/USD!

Get outta town!

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And speaking of buying one...

We are fortunate because when we bought our house, I checked into a home appliance warranty. We pay $30.00 a month for ALL of our appliances (including the microwave, dishwasher and deep freezer and furnace/AC unit) which allows us to have a repairman to come out (no charge) to fix whatever is broken or repairable.

If an appliance covered on the warranty plan is not repairable, then the Green Backs comes into play.

This means the warranty company allows a certain amount towards the purchase of a new appliance replacement.

So far (in almost three years of living here) we have had to replace our furnace and central air unit; to which they allowed us a total of $1750/USD towards the purchase of new systems.

We've had repair people out here for the washer once before, the clothes dryer once and the furnace (before we had to eventually replace it).

For the clothes washing machine, they allowed us $300.

This particular appliance was $459/USD plus tax (right around $500/USD. SO out of pocket for us was only $200/USD.

Each time a repair person came out we never pay a penny. And we all know how much a service call can cost. Let alone the labor and parts.

To date we have paid $990/USD into this warranty plan, have received $2050/USD towards purchasing appliances and never had to pay $60-100 service calls each time or for parts and labor.

When I first told Mr Golden D I was going to get this warranty plan, he called it a waste of money. But now he loves that I did it. Saves him even more of his hard-earned money.

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05.11.2019 17:30

My dryer finally went out this last week. Actually, it still dries, but it makes such loud noises that I am sure everyone in the 68 unit condo complex can hear them. And they screech, which make drying clothes a horrible, nails against chalkboard experience.

I have a similar warranty that came with the house, but I have to pay $75 every time someone comes and it doesn't cover the washer and dryer... bleh. Nowhere near as good as yours.

I am ready for a new energy efficient one dryer, and its looking like its gonna cost me around $500 bucks... maybe my energy costs will go down. I KNOW I don't like going to the laundromat even if I do have everything clean at the same time... This set came with the house and they do look like they are from the late 90's early 2000's. One think I do know, is that the less buttons the better - those buttons are computerized and they are a headache to get fixed.

Next I will have to deal with my fridge that freezes my food. Yup, that was "included" in the condo too. I almost wish they had left 0 appliances ... but that's just silly. No appliances means... no appliances.

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05.11.2019 18:19

I repair appliances, you got a link to that warranty company?

05.11.2019 18:58

That warrantee is worth gold! I'm like you, just do the job, forget the bells and whistles. Knock wood, both of mine are still plugging along...

06.11.2019 00:45

An appliance plan would be useful for us, we've already put money into fixing a dishwasher that we replaced anyway and now our washing machine has broken too (familiar story, right?). I'm going to do my best to fix it myself, once I get off this computer steemit curating thing. :-)

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06.11.2019 02:47

I have a front loader. Saves soap water and energy. You can get problems with the seal, but they are inexpensive. Repairpersons are not expensive here. I got mine lightly used from a film set. They necmver actuallydid real laundry in it, just pretend for the drama. I guess my washer is more famous than me.

I'll buy a new one soon. Indont want to pay more than 700 for one. Oddly the Korean brands are more expensive in Korea...i guess it's because no one sells the other brands here because people will boycott their stores for such offenses clever way of doig business I suppose.

Sorry for the ramble. Emjoy your new machine.

06.11.2019 06:24

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06.11.2019 09:45

Interesting. There's a laundromat quite near me so I just trek there for our laundry needs. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

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06.11.2019 12:27

Oh yes! I have a home warranty as well and love it for when it's needed. Last year my entire furnace was replaced with it. Before that the washer motor was replaced, and multiple other things here and there. It's a beautiful thing.

The washer I have right now does everything for me except sort the laundry by colour and fabric. The fallout of that is that my laundry does not get sorted by colour or fabric. :)

06.11.2019 20:39

Howdy goldendawne! That appliance warranty was such a good investment. I had no idea the new ones were so expensive if you wanted to top of the line. Getting a decent new one for just $200 is fantastic, good for you!

10.11.2019 07:10