Ulog 159: Disposable Income Can Be Found In Many Places

In a recent chat in Discord with some PowerHouseCreatives (PHC) members, the discussion of working from home versus working in a corporate atmosphere came up; and how finding home-based jobs, careers and gigs can be a feast or famine situation. And how, as a self-employed freelancer, it can be difficult finding online jobs that are consistent, pay compatible or even legit came into play.

Most freelance writers know of places like Upwork and have used this platform. Or perhaps they have visited the Write Jobs blog for writing leads. Maybe some of you have searched through Reddit groups like Hire A Writer or Writing Opportunities.

If not, then you should try these places.

And this conversation got me thinking about how over the last decade I have done, more than I can even remember, hundreds and hundreds of writing gigs.

And I started thinking back to what these jobs have allowed me to add to the homestead.


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But let's get back to disposable income.

The definition of disposable income can be defined like this:

Disposable income, sometimes called disposable personal income (DPI), is the total earnings a household makes that are available to save or spend after taxes have been paid. In other words, it’s a household’s take home pay after taxes and other employee deductions have been taken out of their paychecks

I may not have an end of the week paycheck coming from an employer, but I do have ways to utilize my writing skills, earn some mad money (as they call it) and contribute to the household budget.

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What I Do For Added Income & Supplies On The Homestead

Keep in mind, not all these resources I use pay monetarily; some are just for items (ie. free ebooks, etc)

  • Google Rewards- I take super fast surveys and earn google play money to be used for purchasing ebooks about homesteading/gardening/etc
  • National Consumer Panel- I use this to answer surveys, record ALL my purchases and in return I can earn gift cards. I ALWAYS get the Amazon gift cards. Every quarter I usually earn a $25 Amazon E-card and go shopping for what we need here. You are also entered into sweepstakes and they have quarterly contests.
  • Coin Star- I cash in ALL that loose change in the cars, my purse or from wherever. When I do this (usually once a month) I use my telephone number associated with my Amazon account and get an on-going accumulation of Amazon Cash to use and shop with.
  • Facebook Market Place- I have been a seller and a buyer here. GREAT place to get rid of LARGE items that would be costly to ship.
  • On Etsy and eBay I sell items like seeds I have harvested from my garden, items I have found CHEAP on FB's Market Place or at thrift stores. When I sell on these two sites, I accumulate money in my PayPal account and will purchase items needed. You would be amazed at the websites who accept Paypal for payments. Places like the bulk store where I buy our coffee and tea, where I purchase our low carb bread, Home Depot (where you can place order online, pay with PP and pick up from their locker service and even where I purchase some of my garden seeds; which is a local (in my state) small business.
  • Ebates/Rakuten- I ALWAYS use this service when ordering online from websites that use the service <--- Referral link

Money can be found ANYWHERE! You just have to be creative and look.

I keep telling myself to sign up for those coupon and cashback apps and maybe some day I will. But for now, I do more than I ever thought I would. (ie. iBotta, Flipp, Checkout 51).

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Other Possible Writing & Freelance Sites

NOTE: I have not utilized all these websites. These are just suggestions & resources.

Other online selling and auction websites:

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Fiverr is my personal favorite. I also use textbroker, smashwords, and etsy.

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17.10.2019 14:14

I tried Fiverr when it first hot the scene but could never get a client. Not sure why... but on upwork I was doing repeat clients, raking in hundreds a month. But I stopped working on them as I needed a brain break.

17.10.2019 14:57

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17.10.2019 14:15

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17.10.2019 14:16

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17.10.2019 15:27

Awesome list of resources, @goldendawne! I've heard of a few, but I will definitely check into some of these. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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18.10.2019 03:59

What a great resource, @goldendawne. Thank you!

Like you, I never got a gig on Fiverr. I was on Elance when it merged with Upwork and the transition didn't work for me. I had a couple of gigs on Elance. One of the ones you've not mentioned, and where I've had a little success was Guru.com. One of my challenges, at the time, was that I wasn't consistently on the platform touting for gigs because I got work elsewhere. It seems if you're not active, and can't build a portfolio, it's difficult. The other thing is that one is undercut by folk from places like Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Kenya.

I didn't realise that Reddit was a good place to punt for work as I don't know much about the platform - will check it out. You'll be interested to know that Hire Writers and Freeelance Writing - without even registering they're "not hiring writers from your country".

I do appreciate this resource and am going to look more closely at some of the sites - most certainly Reddit and I need to post more on Medium and also punt my WP site more.

Thanks again and have a good weekend!


18.10.2019 14:30

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18.10.2019 20:14

Very informative post! I have tried a few of these, but will have to check out some of these mentioned in your post and the comments!

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18.10.2019 21:20

There is an ocean of money out there and I would really like to swim in that ocean. Enough joke lol, seriously it is indeed anywhere you just need to know where to look. Thanks for the links by the way I'll check if I have what it takes.

21.10.2019 08:49

Definitely great information here. Thanks for putting this together - I've bookmarked it as a valuable resource!

21.10.2019 09:30

Hey @goldendawne

Great tips. Definitely worth a look.


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21.10.2019 09:45

Awesome links to look into @goldendawne some I have looked into, living on this side of the pond one can set up PayPal, however if/when brings earnings into fiat locally costs and has to be brought in within 3 months... crazy!

Will look into Reddit where I am a member, it will be interesting to see if any crypto offers are up for earnings, easier to move from this neck of the woods.

21.10.2019 11:42

@goldendawne. You are excellent at finding ways to make some extra cash. Thanks for sharing. 😊 💰

21.10.2019 12:03

These are some great suggestions @goldendawne, I use most of them all the time. I've been retired since 2013 and everything helps. 🙏

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21.10.2019 14:01

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I'm so going to check this out later

21.10.2019 23:12

@goldendawne great suggestion, some I knew about and some I didn't!

21.10.2019 23:58

What great resources @goldendawne! Some I was not familiar with, thanks for the share!

22.10.2019 02:11

I've tried doing surveys a long time ago but it didn't last. Was never sure if it was legit and the time it took versus the little income it claimed to give really wasn't encouraging. How do you know what's good?

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22.10.2019 03:17

Excellent post for freelancers. I've been freelancing for over 13 years. I started at Guru.com. I've used a lot of the freelance sites where workers go to find work, but the best client I've ever received were ones I contacted myself by searching them out. They usually pay more and are better clients, but you have to be diligent and know exactly what you're looking for in a client.

22.10.2019 11:38

Sorry I'm getting to this so late! I'm one of those people who lets free money walk right by. Thanks for putting this together, there are lots of great tips in here.

23.10.2019 15:14

Very helpful article!

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10.11.2019 15:48