Ulog 158: Easy Lemon Vinegar For Cleaning

I love the scents of lemon and bleach when I am cleaning; for some reason if the bathroom, floors or kitchen don't resonate one of those two cleaning smells, I don't feel as if I have cleaned completely. And since I don't know how to make bleach, I make lemon infused vinegar for my daily cleaning.

I know most people only use the lemon's peel when making vinegar, but I prefer to use the entire lemon; especially in this instance. I had two lemons that were starting to get a little soft and I didn't want to waste them.

I use this lemon vinegar cleaner on my counter tops, in my sink, on the faucets, toilet, tiled floors, stove top and shower stall's walls. It leaves such a vibrant scent of the lemon for hours after the cleaning.

It's so versatile as a cleaner and won't scratch any surface I am cleaning.

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  • Wash & slice lemons
  • Transfer lemon peelings into glass jar
  • Pour equal amounts of white vinegar and water into the jar, seal jar
  • Set jar aside for 2-3 weeks - but make sure to open jar every day or two to push the lemons back under the vinegar; or you could use a weight t keep the citrus down below the liquid
  • Strain the lemon and peels out of the vinegar
  • Pour into a spray bottle for cleaning

Since there is vinegar in this recipe, I covered the jar with a plastic lid versus a metal ring.

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Very interesting, how do you use it when is ready? Do you put it in a spray bottle?

16.10.2019 17:41

Yes. I have a bunch of dollar store spray bottles I label.

16.10.2019 18:43

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16.10.2019 18:31

Man I had no idea it was so easy to make this. I will yave to try. !tip

16.10.2019 19:51

Super easy and quite effective for cleaning

17.10.2019 11:03
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16.10.2019 19:52

Thanx, I needed something like this because of my dog. She hates plastic as much I do and likes to run around with the cleaning stuff. You probably saved her life.

16.10.2019 20:08

Oh yes!!! We have two dogs here and the one, a puppy, will grab ANYTHING! This I feel safe with knowing she won't get chemicals in her system.

17.10.2019 11:01

Neat! That never would have crossed my mind; I've only ever used vinegar for cleaning coffee parts!

I do not like the smell of vinegar at all. Does the lemon cover it up?

17.10.2019 01:19

the vinegar scent goes away real quick. But it does such a great job cleaning

17.10.2019 11:00

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17.10.2019 05:41

Wow, guess i have to try this at home. Better than chlorine perhaps

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17.10.2019 22:17

I don’t know why but I just want drink it!

17.10.2019 23:06

I love natural cleaners and love learning new methods, so yhank you for sharing @goldendawne

18.10.2019 00:05