Ulog 153: Homemade Stevia Extract

Cutting out sugar from our diet has been a slow process here; at least for me in certain instances. While I don't have a sweet tooth for cookies, candy or other baked goods, I have been on a daily fight against breaking down and sipping on a soda/pop.

I stop drinking soda cold turkey back at the end of April (right after Mr Golden D had his heart attack. I didn't have any migraine symptoms or withdrawals, but on the other hand I have never been a person who could just drink straight water; so forgoing my soda induced sugar high was difficult on some levels.


Homemade stevia extract- for using in my tea and drinks instead of sugar.

I tried making ginger bugs for making fermented sodas. But I had the issue of never remembering to feed the bug. But I am willing to try it again!

But for now I have made some stevia extract!

This extract is super easy to make.
Just take a handful or so of fresh stevia leaves, clean them (I rinsed them in white vinegar and cool water) then took the leaves off the stem and placed in a pint-sized mason jar; covered it with 80-proof Vodka- making sure ALL the leaves are covered by the alcohol. I will leave it in the cupboard for 24-48 hours- any longer and it can turn bitter from what I have read and researched. So later today (as I did this on Monday morning) I will be straining the leaves from the alcohol and storing it in a brown glass bottle.

My understanding is one drop or two per 12-ounce glass of tea, homemade lemonade or whatever water mixture I will be drinking will suffice.

Last week I made some lemon and black currant iced tea to drink and I absolutely LOVE it! I will be making more this week, but I am going to try a new flavor too; lemon and raspberry.

I used Agave to sweeten it up a little, but I still feel I can do better; hence the homemade stevia extract. _Sure I could have purchased it, but it is quite pricey. And why do that when I have free stevia in my gardens?_

For the last few months, I have been purchasing our coffee online through a bulk store located in my state and last month before I placed my order, I decided to check out their tea flavors.

Some of the flavors I decided to try are:

  • Black Raspberry Hibiscus
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Yum Berry Black Currant
  • Chamomile

Since ordering this batch of tea bags, I have made another purchase and added Apple Cinnamon, Jasmine Blossom and Moroccan Mint. So we'll see what combinations I will come up with to keep my taste buds from getting bored.

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This was the first year I grew stevia in my herb and flower gardens and I was able to salvage enough over the weekend to make this pint size batch of stevia extract. I do have a quart sized jar full to the brim of dehydrated stevia to make the powdered version of this natural sweetener.

**Here is where I found the easy instructions for making stevia extract.

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Wow! Color me impressed! I would have never guessed you could make stevia! I actually don't like the taste (although everyone says it is tasteless!) of the one I bought at the store.

I am not a sugar person to begin with, I don't add sugar to anything, however, I know that in baking, some things require it. I may give this a spin, Dawne! Have you used this in baking or only tea?

And thanks for another great homesteading idea! Have a great day!

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Lemon and raspberry iced tea...hmm, that sounds extremely nice! Do sure tell us how it ended up :)

I'm kinda imagining if you make lemon and raspberry ice sticks...I don't know, that feels amazing to me. But I might be wrong, lol.

08.10.2019 12:35

Wow. I was just talking to @bethvalverde about this yesterday

08.10.2019 13:08

Great idea @goldendawne, wow! So much better than buying from the market, and when you grow it why not, right? Well done givign up the soda. :)

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I never knew that it was that easier to make your own Stevia, I stay away from the Stevia you can buy as I always wonder how naturalit is, so when I quite Soda I went cold turkey, will be interested to see how it goes in a future post


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08.10.2019 22:21

Lemon and black currant iced tea sounds sooo good! Good luck with the stevia! I tried agave but I reacted to it just like sugar, so for me, it's just as bad.

08.10.2019 23:13