Ulog 128: Never A Dull (Or Slow) Moment In The Garden: Saving Seeds

Tis the busy time of year in the garden! Not only am I weeding, trimming, harvesting the bounty and making sure everything out there is blooming and growing despite the heat and dry conditions, but I've also started saving seeds from some of my flowers that have begun to end their cycle for the season.

cal seeds 2.jpg

One specific flower I've been snatching up seeds from are the calendula. Some of the flowers have started to wither away and now is the time to gather up these beautiful blooms, and seeds, for Garden 2020.

I had originally purchased organic, non-GMO calendula seeds from a local (and highly reputable) seed company two years ago and have been slowly building my seed stock. I do this with ALL of my seeds and plants now. I really have no reason to purchase new seeds; unless it is a new variety of seed I have never grown before.

I have built up such a surplus of certain seeds that I have started selling the seeds on Etsy. Ones that I have been selling on a weekly, some days daily basis, are feverfew and wild lettuce.

Just two days ago I added my calendula seeds to the mix on Etsy. No sales yet, but I have great hope for them.

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It's so sad to see these beautiful flower blooms wilting away as another garden season begins to come to an end. But I also know they will be back next year as I will always plant this flower in my herb and flower gardens. Not only do they add a special pop of color to the rows and rows of green herbs early in the summer, but I also harvest the petals for making soaps, salves and even vinegar.


calendula vinegar makes for a wondrous hair conditioner and rinse!

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I think it's fantastic that you save your own seeds. That's really the way that flowers are meant to be stored and grown!

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10.08.2019 14:05

Keeping seeds and replanting, no selling, excellent ensuring they thrive in nature whether in your garden or someone else's garden.

Interesting to learn the uses you have with this bloom @goldendawne

10.08.2019 14:38

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10.08.2019 18:33

πŸ‘πŸ‘ Right on SiStar 🌱🌿🌾🌼

I will be visiting your etsy shop soon πŸ’•


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11.08.2019 01:27

Very interesting. Are you increasing the number of calendulas that you have by planting more each year, or does the calendula die off after one season?

11.08.2019 07:45

Definitely need to save up the seeds of such beautiful flower!

15.08.2019 15:24

Definitely need
To save up the seeds of such
Beautiful flower!

                 - joelai

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15.08.2019 15:24

Oh no, 3 month late finding this post!
I save sooo many prairie-native seeds, some will end up rotting before I find a home for them. The mice get some. Friends get buckets full of 'em. One confesed he never planted his, fearing seeds from an adjacent prairie state might carry some contaminant (the way firewood carries Emerald Ash borer to every county in the state). *sigh
I even mail seeds - all the way to Spain, in one case, and he mailed me some sweetpea seeds from his second home in Australia in return. And they grew, and blossomed, and I saved the seeds in the fall, but they never grew for me again. And he stopped writing me. (An author. Very accomplished and very private author. No surprise there.)
We have several Seed Sharing groups in our state, but I always forget to contact them... meanwhile, I have lots of gorgeous purple aster seed, some blackberry lily, and this year, not one asculepias tuberosa (orange butterfly) - not sure why that is! They did bloom! Something ate the seed pods?

30.10.2019 16:14

You sound like a brilliant herbalist! do you recommend any particular books? I have a few, but never seem to master botany (identifying plants is dangerous, and mushrooms, I wouldn't dare! Just the morrel.)
You "harvest the petals for making soaps, salves and even vinegar." And a hair rinse. Someone here blogged about edible shampoo and soap. Why do buy plastic bottles full of chemicals and suds and false promises? I need to get with the program!! You inspire me.

30.10.2019 16:18