Testing Out Amazon Prime's One/Same Day (Free) Delivery: Success Or Fail?

I'm a terrible _dog_ mom. I can openly admit that in public. It's shameful really when you think about it. All my two Labradors want is to show me unconditional love and in return _is it too much to ask for their favorite bedtime treat?_

Apparently... it is.

Lady (chocolate lab) and Lexi (black lab puppy) only ask for their special _night-night_ treat... and the looks on their faces are proof that I ran out (order online only as they are not available locally at any pet store or vet's office) of these chewy goodies Sunday night.
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In my own defense, I did think I had another bag of the treats in the cupboard, but alas, I did not.
Yeah, I know... lame excuse.

So when I realized the inventory issue early Monday, I immediately jumped on the laptop to see if Amazon's One Day delivery service as a Prime Member could come to my rescue.


I placed the order...

Fingers crossed

Order was placed in the morning but as of just after two in the afternoon... it wasn't even out for delivery yet!

Oh man!

I kept a vigilant eye on the order and tracking updates all throughout the day... and finally around 5P.M. it said the package was out for delivery.

I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Now if I could only guarantee that the delivery would be here before our 8P.M. bedtime. The pacing began.

Who would have thought such a thing could cause our household to become a anxiety filled home?

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My hopes of having the goodies delivered before 8 o'clock started to diminish as the clock ticked away closer and closer to the hour of doom.... errr, bedtime.

Then... AND then...
Just before we gave up... we heard a shuffle noise outside and the sound of a diesel engine near the house! (Notice the time stamp below)


Twelve hour delivery service!

I am impressed! I was overjoyed! The dogs were dancing when Mr Golden D announced MAIL CALL!. Both dogs know this as being a special treat for them was waiting outside the door. (Yeah, we spoil these two unbelievably!)

In all the years I have been an Amazon Prime Member this was the first time I ever utilized their (free) one-day guarantee delivery and I am impressed. I will definitely be watching to use this service again... if ever an emergency of this magnitude happens again. Although I think I've learned my lesson!

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Good to the Same Day service works.

It is just started appearing in the UK. Not sure it will be available where I live as I am so rural.

11.02.2020 20:03

Great news @goldendawne we'll have to try it out soon. 🤞


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12.02.2020 06:50

Slight panic attack realizing there are no treats in the cupboard, nice to know you have a quick service delivery to the home.

12.02.2020 07:05

Fast awesome delivery service for the hungry puppies. We don't have amazon here. I'm not sure if we have similar one day delivery service.

12.02.2020 08:07

I love the way you told this story! And those two are just so cute. Well done!

12.02.2020 09:08

Hahaha the dogs were dancing I know that ! That’s the same here

12.02.2020 09:51

That was cool. If Amazon can't do it, hen no one else can. That is the kind of magic a company that big can work.
Your dogs are beautiul

12.02.2020 11:20

That’s great service and I’m glad you made your dogs happy. 😊

12.02.2020 11:42

You ran out of their treats??? How could you?! Poor poochies. I hope you gave each of them two that night to make up for it!

12.02.2020 12:46

One day delivery is pretty insane... And it surprises me that they deliver until so late! Here if it doesn't arrive at around 2pm, you can wait for another day...

For me, the most pleasantly surprising delivery experience is that they managed to ship my order within a week when they said they need 3 weeks to do so (it's during the 11/11 shopping m online shopping festival so heh) :) it always feels extra nice when you get that package earlier than you think.

12.02.2020 14:48

Awwwww, they looks soo cute! I bet they were so happy when you packaged arrived

12.02.2020 16:18

hehehe good old amazon comes to the rescue, lol Love those pups @goldendawne, they're beautiful :)

12.02.2020 21:28

Aaaaah! And I say this with the dogs my friend.
You are not such a bad dog mom as what you thought and I bet that both of them will agree with me!

12.02.2020 22:55

Just in the nick of time! Haha. Love this story 🥰 and your pups are SO cute!

12.02.2020 23:27

Wow, that is fantastic, @goldendawne. And what a suspenseful tale! I was on the edge of my seat! 😁

13.02.2020 06:35

Hi @goldendawne That is great 1 day service from Amazon that you pay for. They try to make sure the delivery is made at all costs.

Did you ever get a chance to view the backdrop story on how they are able to keep their 1-day delivery schedules? They have also added two distribuion centers in my area to ensure delivery. It's an interesting read.

14.02.2020 15:40