Road To Recovery Is Paved With... New Ways

It's been exactly two weeks today since my two surgeries... keep in mind I was only expecting one surgery, and I am finally back to work; well, at least back to work online.

I've been slowly doing some minor household and homestead tasks, but not having the full use of my left arm and hand has been trying most times. Frustrating really.

hand 2.jpg

Even though I am right hand dominate, I never truly appreciated, or realized, how much I use my left hand for every day tasks, chores and living.

When I got to the hospital on January 9, I was expecting a cubital tunnel and nerve transposition, but what I got was a two-for-one surgery deal.

I also had carpal tunnel surgery. While the orthopaedic surgeon was hopeful that the cubital tunnel surgery would help the carpal tunnel self repair, he didn't want to take the chance that it wouldn't.

Yeah me!!!

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Yesterday I had all the stitches removed from both incisions (something I have never experienced before) and it wasn't too bad; only one stitch of the eleven pinched a little. But my left arm is still in a sling to keep my elbow at a certain angle (degree) for the next two weeks to help aid in the healing process. I can handle the sling most days, but when I want to eat, type on the laptop or even just carry a plate of food as well as my glass of water to being able to eat, I have to make two trips.

Grrr! Extra steps, wasted time and quite irritating!

The other day, while Mr Golden D was at work, I had the weird craving to eat a tuna fish sandwich... but I couldn't. I had no way to open the can. We don't have an electric can opener; only a hand twisting one.

So no tuna fish sandwich for me that day.

See my left hand has little strength. My pinkie and ring fingers don't move too well. I cannot make a fist with my left hand. Those two fingers just kind of stay straight and have very little movement. While I can somewhat squeeze my other three fingers, the grasp just isn't there.

My doctor said it will take a good three months for the strength to return to my hand and fingers. No muscle damage is done, but nerve repair can take months to heal. In the meantime I have learned some new ways to do regular, ordinary chores.

I'm not usually a patient person or someone who asks for help, but this surgery has knocked me down a few pegs in the patience and in need of help departments of life. I can't open jars, pill bottles (with the safety childproof seals), take hot pans out of the oven or even wash my hair the right way. This has been very humbling to me in every day life. And with Mr Golden D still working 12 hour days, seven days a week, I am left to my own devices of figuring things out.

I started typing out this post at 5:32AM EST, and it is now 7:21AM. Back two months ago I could have typed this post in the matter of minutes... but alas, the recovery has won. ALMOST TWO HOURS! Oh good grief!

I think most of the time has been spent doing spell check as I am mainly typing one handed: which is weird in itself. So please excuse ANY mis-spellings, punctuation errors... appreciated!

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23.01.2020 12:32

Wow, I bet that is humbling. I couldn't imagine doing everything with one hand. How do you smoke a bowl? LoL.. I wish you a speedy recovery friend.

23.01.2020 12:35

Oh, I wish a continued and speedier recovery @goldendawne. I know all about nerve recovery from a car accident when I was 21. Patience is the word. And as for impatience and asking for help: I had a trip down the stairs nearly 2 weeks ago and I'm working on both although I am much, much better.

Good luck and at the risk of repeating myself, get well soon!


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23.01.2020 13:06

wow that must be so hard having to do everything with just one hand, as you said you don't realize how much we need them both. Wishing you a full recovery xxx

23.01.2020 15:45

I hope all goes well for a speedy recovery. Hopefully you will be back to full capacity in time for the start of the growing season.

23.01.2020 20:00

Hey sunshine! I didn't realize you had surgery. Gosh, where was I? I must have missed a post. Sorry. Glad it's over and you are on the road to recovery. It's better to have everything done at once rather than go under twice that's for sure. Hang in there. This too shall pass. You have just been put through the physical wringer the last year or so haven't you. Prayers and love from S.B. !!!

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23.01.2020 23:05

Good to hear the surgeries went well! Sounds like it was pretty invasive, so it doesn't surprise me it will take months before you start getting back to normal.

24.01.2020 01:08
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24.01.2020 02:03

Hahaha, sorry for the laugh, but welcome to the one handed club my dear friend.
Can you believe that I am typing this with only one finger and that I do
all of my communications here typing only with one finger.
I can of course also use the one finger of my left hand, as I am ambidextrous, but I cannot use the left hand and the right hand fingers together, as I do not have co-ordination.
Here's true hoping that your nerves will recover quickly and that your left arm will be in use soon again.

24.01.2020 19:43

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26.01.2020 12:51

People overestimate what they can do in one year, BUT underestimate what they can do in five...

Just saying,



29.01.2020 01:05