I visited a pumpkin garden which belongs to me

𝙋π™ͺ𝙒π™₯π™ π™žπ™£'𝙨 π™‚π™–π™§π™™π™šπ™£


π˜Ώπ™šπ™«π™žπ™˜π™š:π™Šπ™£π™šπ™₯𝙑π™ͺ𝙨 7𝙏

𝙋π™ͺ𝙒π™₯π™ π™žπ™£'𝙨 π™‚π™–π™§π™™π™šπ™£

This is a green store of the nature.I visited this pumpkin garden.The garden looks very nice but behind this beauty lots of labor have been invested.The fruit is the sign of all success.I think this pumpkin is the sign of farmer's success.It might help them in economically and domestically.

Pumpkin is a popular vegetable in Bengalis life.It is healthy to us and tasty as a cook curry.I personally love the pumpkin curry with prawn.In my childhood when I used to live in village I was planting pumpkin vegetable.To grow pumpkin is a hard working thing.I is need to invest huge labor to grow vegetable like pumpkin.The seed of pumpkin is also healthy.

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